Guest Review: Romancing the Runaway by Wendy Soliman

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Guest Review: Romancing the Runaway by Wendy SolimanReviewer: Tracy
Romancing the Runaway by Wendy Soliman
Series: The Forsters #4
Also in this series: Beguiling the Barrister (The Forsters, #2)
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: April 28th 2014
Format: eARC
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Series Rating: four-stars

England, 1816

Miranda Cantrell is desperate to escape the confines of her overbearing guardian and return home to Cornwall. She's certainly not going to marry his ridiculous son. What she doesn't anticipate is finding herself stranded, wedged between several bales of hay in a stable, nearly freezing to death.

Relieved to have escaped the madness of London, Lord Gabriel Forster comes home for some much-needed tranquility. Inexplicably fascinated by the lovely young woman he finds on his estate, Gabe rightly assumes there's more to the story—why is her guardian so intent on seeing her married to his son? He'll take her to Cornwall himself to find out.

When they discover her childhood home has been stripped of all its valuables, Gabe uncovers more to the old house than either of them had imagined. And with Gabe's safety hanging in the balance, Miranda is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice…


Tracy’s review of Romancing the Runaway (The Forsters #4) by Wendy Soliman

Miranda is an orphan being cared for by her guardian – who was once her father’s business partner. Miranda was at school for years and pretty much did her own thing on holidays, going to friends houses, etc., anything to avoid returning to her guardians abode. Suddenly the guardian, Mr. Peacock, calls her home, sits her down and tells her that she’s to marry his quite odious son (her term, no Mr Peacock’s). Well, Miranda refuses so the guardian locks her in her room until she agrees. Miranda decides to take matters into her own hands and escapes. Unfortunately her horse injures himself when she’s in a field trying to avoid the town, and since she hurt her ankle previously she finds a barn and hides in it with her horse and dog.

Gabe Forster is out riding when a dog crosses his path. He’s not familiar with the dog so he follows it and finds a half frozen Miranda inside the barn. He takes her back to his home and brings her back to her former self. When Miranda tells Gabe, eventually, about the demand from Mr. Peacock and her escape, Gabe decides to help her. He believes there’s a deeper reason to Peacock wanting Miranda marrying his son and he wants to know what it is. Gabe helps Miranda head to her childhood home in Cornwall but soon the guardian, along with her family solicitor is hot on their trail and not about to give up on Miranda marrying Mr. Odious. :0)

I have to say this was definitely a lively book. Truly there was really never a dull moment to be had and it had me turning page after page to see what happened next. The story was most certainly a romance but it had a bit of intrigue and of course the age old need for an arranged marriage – greed.

Miranda was a pretty independent soul. She really wanted to do things on her own and for the most part she had accomplished that, but there was only so far she could really go. She needed Gabe to help her and though she enjoyed his company it irked her that she needed assistance at all. While she recognized that she did she still disliked it. These thoughts of Miranda’s really made me see her in a different light and not too flattering of one, either. She could be very mature and quite brilliant and then turn around and blow off her mouth and be completely immature. She was only 18 but her character was a bit inconsistent.\

Gabe was a wonderful hero. Yes, he did take over things once they got to Cornwall and almost became Lord of the Manor, but he was really only thinking of making things better for Miranda so I forgave him. Back then men did that all the time and though it wasn’t always right at least Gabe had Miranda’s best interests at heart. He fell in love with the girl even though he tries everything to ignore his feelings. I thought Gabe and Miranda were very cute together and their banter back and forth had me laughing a few times. Soliman’s sense of humor definitely came through in this story.

I didn’t read any of the books in this series prior to reading RtR but I didn’t need to at all in order to know what was going on. It was a very good standalone and one I very much enjoyed reading.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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This title is available from Carina Press. You can buy it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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