Guest Author: HelenKay Dimon discusses Mercy

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Genres: Romantic Suspense

Today we have HelenKay Dimon here to discuss her latest release, Mercy.



Hello everyone and thank you to the fabulous women of Book Binge for letting me stop by here today and talk about my new release – out now! – MERCY.


This book is a bit of a throwback for me in that it’s an erotic romance and naughtier than what I’ve been writing for the last few years. It also grew out of a blip of an idea I had years ago when writing my second single title, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. In that book, there was a female undercover agent, a secondary character, and I had in my head if I ever wrote a book for her it would center on one of her old cases where she went undercover in a club and had the owner arrested…but not until after she messed up and fell in love with the guy.


Well, the book for that undercover agent never got written. The timing was wrong and I didn’t have a full idea. My then editor thought the people might be a tad too angsty.  Fast forward to last year…I wanted to write an erotic romance dealing with an undercover agent whose life had been blown apart and that fragment of a backstory popped into my head. MERCY isn’t related to RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW or that character, but it is a testament to the fact that some story ideas never die. You move them around, re-think them, revise them and, in this case, totally change them, but they hide in the back of your mind somewhere.


mercyWant to meet Becca Ford?  Here’s a tiny peek:

 Her gun pressed against her lower back as she stared at the double doors and obvious lock securing this side of the property. She’d skipped the most logical choice of knocking on the front door, knowing she’d never get past the bruising bodyguard to the boss. The only answer was to get “caught” and dragged inside. Let the men think they’d won the round. That they were in charge.  But she’d know the truth.

Still, she thought about the very lethal man on the other side of the door and calculated her chances of living through the next five minutes and put the probability around twenty percent. Not great but the possibility of survival hovered around zero if she didn’t get inside. She’d pissed him off and he could just as easily destroy her as help her. But she didn’t have another option.

About the book:

After she infiltrated his business and betrayed his trust, a disavowed CIA agent must seek sanctuary in the bedroom of a man who will either help her, kill her, or bring her to her knees…

Becca Ford is on her own. Eight months after she headed up a sting operation to take down millionaire club owner Jarrett Holt, the other agents in her special ops team have been eliminated under odd circumstances, and she needs a place to hide.

Jarrett is a man who prefers darkness to light. He deals in the only truly valuable currency—information—and his supper club caters to an exclusive clientele. It was an uncharacteristic moment of weakness when he let a woman into his life. But it’s not luck that the criminal charges disappeared . . . as did the evidence.

When Becca returns to the club seeking his help, Jarrett doesn’t want to hear her story. But he does want her body, and demands that she give it to him. He’ll keep her safe—for now—but it’ll be in his bed and on his terms, until he says they’re done.

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About HelenKay:

helenkayHelenKay Dimon is a former divorce attorney turned full-time romance author. Odd transition, right? She has sold over thirty novels, novellas and shorts to numerous publishers, including Kensington, Harlequin and Penguin, Samhain, Carina Press, and HarperCollins. Her nationally bestselling and award-winning books have been showcased in numerous venues and her books have twice been named “Red-Hot Reads” and excerpted in Cosmopolitan magazine. But the best part of the job is never having to wear pantyhose.

Learn more about HelenKay and her books at her website:


Mercy is available now from Berkley. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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    I love enemies to lovers stories and this sounds so interesting, I am excited to check it out. Thanks for the post and the giveaway. =D

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