WTF Cover Saturday (62)

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I don’t think we’ve done many historical covers. This is a nice change for us.

Christina Brook WTF Cover

You know how sometimes you’re at Walmart and out of the corner of your eye you think you see flesh where you should be seeing clothes, except it looks really weird and not right, and for a minute you’re like “OMFG someone finally decided to come to Walmart naked, SAVE ME” and then you realize, “oh, she’s just wearing flesh-colored leggings. Right. No need to panic”?

Yeah, that’s totally what happened when I first saw this cover.

Also? His facial expression is kind of hilarious, in a really confused/broody sort of way.

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4 responses to “WTF Cover Saturday (62)

  1. I had to do a double take too. WTF? He looks naked but his ass looks weird…haha, that would make it really awkward to handle his business after a day of eating everything.

  2. animegirl31

    Oh, I remember that one!!! I think a bunch of people used it, just changing the color of his “pants”

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