WTF Cover Saturday (60)

Posted April 5, 2014 by Holly in Features | 5 Comments


Another Saturday, another cover full of WTF.

At first glance, the “tapestry” he’s holding in front of himself there kind of make it look like he has a rotten, green and/or scaly…man part. Am I right? Because I swear my first thought was “OMFG YOU NEED TO CUT IT OFF!”.

Just me? Okay, obviously I have issues.

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5 responses to “WTF Cover Saturday (60)

  1. I thought he was wrestling an alligator! I was equally amused and freaked out by that image in my head. Then I wondered, “Is naked alligator wrestling a thing? I might watch that.”

  2. Nicole Sojka

    I thought it was some type of large reptile. I suppose it is much better to have a tapestry in that area than a large reptile with sharp teeth. he may find himself without certain vital bits of his anatomy…

  3. Ada

    I totally thought he was trying to do a crocodile/alligator. I was wondering what kind of weird animal sex he was into…..

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