What Are You Reading? (192)


Rowena: I haven’t read much this week.  Like, barely a book.  I started Pulled Under by Michelle Dalton but I haven’t had the time to focus on it so I haven’t read much of it.  So that’s what I’m still reading.

Holly: I’ve read nothing for two weeks. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I haven’t even opened a book. It’s depressing. I’m hoping something grabs me this weekend. Wish me luck?

What are you reading this week? Anything?

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About Rowena

Rowena is a single mother from Southern California who enjoys reading, blogging and basketball. She spends too much time reading, blogging and driving her daughter around to play basketball…but she’s happy doing it all.


  1. I wish you luck getting out of your reading funk Holky! Today I finished a wonderful non-fiction book, Wild Horse Annie and the Last of the Mustsngs: The Life of Velma Johnston, by David Cruise and Alison Griffiths, about an amazing woman whose life mission was fighting legislation and the BLM to protect wild Mustsngs from being rounded up by plane and from being slaughtered.

    For a change of pace, tonight I’ll be starting The Secret Kuss of Darkness by Christina Courtenay.

  2. Good luck finding a book Holly! I am reading a gritty crime novel set in contemporary London (A Bitter Taste by Annie Hauwell) and listening to a non fiction audiobook about the causes of WWI (1914: The Year the World Was Lost by Paul Ham). I think I might need some love on Saturday night! Not sure what yet though!

  3. I wish you both luck–may the slump be finally over!

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