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Genres: Anthologies (multiple authors)

Dragon Heat 2-in-1 is one book that is a combination of 2 novella’s – Dead Sexy Dragon and Red Hot Dragon.  These are books 1 & 2 in the Dragon Heat series.  I reviewed the first novella back in August but I’m reposting it for you in case you missed it.  

Dead Sexy Dragon

The last thing dragon shifter Stig Wyvern needs is his dead friend’s kid sister showing up on his doorstep. He’s just minutes away from entering a mating phase. Sharing his isolated house with the young woman he’s desperately lusted after for quite some time is a recipe for disaster.

But Cora Cardenas has nowhere else to go. She’s in deep trouble with some really nasty people and Stig is the only one who can protect her. That he’s deliciously sexy and makes her tingle with the simplest of smiles is just a bonus.

Cora quickly realizes Stig is hiding something from her. To make matters worse, she’s plagued with breathtakingly naughty dreams starring a shadowed lover who bears a startling resemblance to her host. And just what the hell is going on down in the basement at night?

Stig needs to get Cora out of his house but his inner beast has other ideas. He’s found his mate and she’s not going anywhere…

As the blurb states Cora shows up on Stigs porch just minutes before he’s due to lock himself up for the night. It is the first night that he will be in heat, an event that happens every three years, and he wants to be clear of Cora when it happens. He’s been hot for Cora since he met her but as she is the sister of his friend he’s always held himself back. When Cora starts having sexy dreams involving a dream lover and then has Stig’s voice telling her to go to him – she complies.

What happens next is a shock for all of them. Stig is floored when Cora touches him and changes start to occur. Of course after he mates with her Cora starts to show her own changes which frighten the crap out of her. On top of all of this Stig is worried about what his dragon brotherhood will say when they find out that he’s broken not one but two of their sacred rules – no human woman and definitely no mating. Oops.

This was a cute little novella. I thought it did a good job of giving us some background on dragon shifters in general, the brotherhood that Stig is involved in and who their enemies are. We meet a couple of Stig’s friends in the story as well.

There’s a little bit of action and a lot of lovin in this story and it all got wrapped together well. I think this was a decent start to what might end up being a great dragon shifter series.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Red Hot Dragon

Griffin Cadogan is shocked to see Avani Monroe, sworn enemy of his dragon family, walk into his gym. With his mating phase soon approaching, Griffin is curious as to why she has to come enemy territory knowing the risks. Not only does she surprise Griffin and his cousin, Mad, by coming to enemy territory, but what she wants is borderline insane-Griffin must help her have a baby.

After her mother’s line was annihilated by the Knights, Avani accepted her duty to ensure the continuation of their unique dragon breed. She’s searched the dragon registries and Griffin is the most likely candidate for her crazy plan. Working up the courage to approach a man who considers her an enemy wasn’t easy but she manages to calmly lay out her carefully orchestrated plan.

But Griffin isn’t about to agree to her harsh terms. If she wants him to father her child, he intends to play an active role in his offspring’s life, not simply walk away as she requires. Shocked by her instant attraction to him, she agrees to his terms. Once together, they realize their connection is about more than creating a child, but that happiness is short-lived when Mad suddenly disappears. Knowing the dragon slayers are behind it, Griffin must risk it all to save the ones he loves.

Griffin is a dragon who hasn’t ever taken a mate or had a child because his work is dangerous. In walks Avani Monroe and his mind changes on part of that.

Avani has done her research and has found that her best bet of having a baby that is of her kind (of which she is the last) is to try to have one with Griffin (due to the blood of his grandmother). At first he thinks she’s a bit nuts but he can’t say he’d mind getting down and dirty with her. He soon agrees and they head to her house to work off their “heat” together. He is adamant that when a baby is produced that he be a part of its life but Avani was only planning on single parenthood.

As the days of their heat pass (it’s about 9 days long) they find that they’re compatible in ways they never expected. Yes, in the bedroom they’re scorchin’ but they love being together and soon love is blooming. When Griffin can’t get in touch with his cousin Madoc they take a chance and head to his house (the possibility that they’ll be attacked by their enemy is high). They find Madoc gone and find other disturbing news. When they’re attacked Griffin starts to wonder if he can keep Avani and a baby (if there is one) safe from their enemies.

Red Hot Dragon was a cute novella and a fast read. There are a lot of sex scenes and one fight scene that’s pretty great.

I loved Griffin and Avani – from what I got to know of them. The story was pretty short so it was hard to get in-depth with anyone. I really want to know more about the Brotherhood that Griffin works for as well as the enemies their fighting. Hopefully more info will be provided in the next book (which I hope is Ivy and Madoc’s book). I didn’t like it quite as much as book 1 but it was still a  sweet and sexy story. Great heat and chemistry between the two characters and of course awesome dragon shifting. Good stuff.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Lolita Lopez

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