Throwback Thursday: The Quotes (4)

Posted January 16, 2014 by Rowena in Features | 6 Comments

This week’s Throwback Thursday quote comes from the Dark Hunters series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  Who remembers that series? Who is still reading that series?


I loved me some Zarek back in the day.  I remember his book making me cry buckets but I haven’t done a re-read in ages.  Maybe I should fix it.  Who remembers this book?  Who remembers Zarek?

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6 responses to “Throwback Thursday: The Quotes (4)

  1. Remember how much I hated this book? I did a re-read a couple years ago. I still hate how Zarek wasn’t really a badass, but I didn’t hate the book as much this time around. You should do a re-read and see if it holds up for you.

  2. I don’t believe I ever read any of the books in the series, but I may still have a copy of Fantasy Lover–are we considering this a prequel?

    Either way, I found that novel readable but nothing to make me jump to get on the Dark Hunter bandwagon, so…

    • I didn’t think Fantasy Lover was anything special even when I loved the series. I always suggested readers skip that book and move directly into Night Embrace, the first book (I think?). Having re-read them in recent years I now tell people to just steer clear. Terrible dialogue, plot holes and all manner of ridiculousness enfold as you read. I have no idea why I loved this series to begin with. I’m disappointed in myself.

      • We certainly become more discriminating as we read more and better–I’ve winced plenty myself when re-reading some well loved books that came out in the 1990s. What was I thinking?

        • I liked Fantasy Lover when I first read it but I don’t think the Dark Hunters series is a series I’d ever willingly recommend. It’s just not the same anymore and well, I don’t want readers to waste their time.

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