Throwback Thursday: The Quotes (3)

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This week’s quote comes from one of my all time favorite series by Suzanne Brockmann.  The Troubleshooters series, Over the Edge in particular.  Sam Starrett is one of my favorite characters EVER and I don’t care what Holly thinks…haha.


The first time that I read this book, this scene made me laugh out loud. And each time that I read it, I smile because it’s one of my favorite scenes.

Who remembers this book and this scene in particular? The sexual chemistry between both Sam and Alyssa and then Stan and Teri? This book was so full of goodness that I wanted to share a little of that goodness today.

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6 responses to “Throwback Thursday: The Quotes (3)

  1. *raising hand* Oh hells yeah!

    I can never really choose which one of the Troubleshooters is my favorite, but Over the Edge is up there in the top three for sure–and yes, Sam Roger Ringo Starrett for the win! *happy sigh*

    • I know what you mean. There’s so much goodness in this series that it’s impossible to pick just one. Sam Starrett is my favorite though. Hands down.

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