Lightning Review: A Fine Romance by Christi Barth

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Lightning Review: A Fine Romance by Christi BarthReviewer: Holly
A Fine Romance by Christi Barth
Series: Aisle Bound Trilogy #2
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication Date: March 11th 2013
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 367
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Series Rating: four-stars

Book two of Aisle Bound

They say you form your first impression of someone within thirty seconds of meeting them. Or, in Mira Parrish's case, within thirty minutes of not meeting them, when said person is supposed to pick you up from the airport and never shows. This is not a perfect start to her new life. Her friend Ivy is depending on her to run a new romance store, and Mira can't afford to let her down.

Sam Lyons should probably apologize. But every time he sees Mira—which is often, since his family owns the bakery next to her shop—he can't resist antagonizing her. There's something about the sexy, straitlaced woman that drives him crazy. He can't get involved, though. He has too much baggage to be any good in a serious relationship.
Despite his teasing attitude, Mira finds Sam too sweet to resist. (His hot body may be a factor.) But if there's going to be anything permanent between them, they'll need to let go of their pasts and look to the future…
99,000 words


I really enjoy books where the hero and heroine are enemies before they’re friends. That was the case here and it played out well. Mira’s bad opinion of Sam is formed before she even meets him, when he leaves her stranded at the airport her first day in town. From there they antagonize each other as often as possible. But there’s undeniable attraction between them. If only Sam was willing to put as much effort into a relationship with a woman who isn’t his mother…and if Mira would let that woman be her.

This is a sweet story. I thought both Sam and Mira held themselves back too much at times, but I can’t deny I enjoyed the getting-to-know you. What really made the story stand out was the cast of secondary characters. The residents of the small town, Sam’s mother, Mira’s best friend…it all came together to create an enjoyable atmosphere for love.

Overall I enjoyed the main characters as well as the secondary. The close-knit group really brought the story together.

3.5 out of 5

This book is available from Carina Press. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

This book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.


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