I Made a TBR Jar!

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Last week, Ames posted about making a TBR jar to tackle her TBR pile and suggested I make one as well. What’s a TBR jar, you ask? Well, it’s a jar full of book titles from your TBR pile and what you use it for is to choose your next read.

So because Ames told me to make one, I did.

Here’s what mine looks like:

Just started with a mason jar that was lying around my house.

I used colored paper strips to write down the books I need to read.

Then I folded them all up.

Threw them all in my pretty jar.

Here’s the final product.

Now, I need to see what my first read from my TBR jar will be. Stay tuned for that one…

ETA: Ames posted pictures of her jar, check it out!

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13 responses to “I Made a TBR Jar!

  1. Oh wow, you guys are brave.

    I don’t know I would have the fortitude to commit to reading something chosen at random–I can see myself picking a paper and then another and then another and another and another…

    But perhaps something like this is what I need to make myself read more of the TBR *ponders*

    • To be honest, so far I’ve only got book titles in my TBR jar that I would definitely read if I chose it…so there are some books in my TBR pile that didn’t make it into the jar…and because of that, I’m probably going to get rid of them.

      I’m reading my first book from my jar today and you’re going to laugh because it’s Breaking the Rules by Suzanne Brockmann. Yeah, it came out a long ass time ago and I never finished reading it…but now? I have to because I picked it out of my jar.

      • Oh it took me ages to get it and ready it too–in fact, I waited until the previous one (Hot Pursuit) came out in paperback and then got it used, waited some more…

        Tell me how you like it, please? (Spoiler: I enjoyed them both, and wish she would have stayed in that world, not sure I care for the newest spinoff enough to get it this year)

        • Azteclady!

          I finished Breaking the Rules and…I LOVED IT! I can’t believe that I didn’t stick it out with Izzy’s story. I really loved Izzy and Ben and I came to love Eden. Hell, I even came to really like Dan and Jen. Such a great story. Which book starts the new series? I wish she’d stay in the Troubleshooters world too. I love these guys and what about Lopez? How come he doesn’t get a story? Does he get one? Do you know? lol.

          • First: Yay for loving Breaking the Rules. Will you review it? I would love to talk about some of the pros, cons, and general criticism of the story and the characters with someone new 😀

            I don’t really know whether or not Lopez will ever get a story. At some point, SB explained (paraphrasing here) that the Troubleshooters world had too detailed backstories, too many connections, etc, that it made it difficult for new readers (and I imagine she was getting tired of it as well–*I* wasn’t)

            The new trilogy (Reluctant Heroes) is an offshoot of the Troubleshooters world, in that we see some of Jules’ FBI colleagues that were mentioned at some point in the series, as well as Martell Griffin, who plays a pretty important secondary role in Force of Nature. The first book, Do or Die, comes out in a couple of weeks–hardback, natch, so I’ll probably wait a while and either get it used or when it comes out in paperback.

    • Oh wow, yours is really pretty! Woo hoo, I hope you have as much fun with yours as I am with mine. I’m still adding books to my jar.

  2. I think I’m too much of a control freak to try this out. I can’t imagine not having control over what I read next.

    Which makes little sense when you consider the size of my TBR pile. Like I’m ever going to read all those books?

    • You don’t have to choose a title for every single read of the year. Ames and I have a system in place. For me, it’s 3 review books then a TBR jar read. I’m really liking it. And plus, we cheated with the titles in the jar. We only put the books that we absolutely want to read in there. So there is still some control in what you’re reading.

      • You know, I may have to try this–or some variant that works for me–at some point. There are way too many unread books in my house at that moment, and some I’m pretty sure I don’t want to read (please don’t ask, it’s painful still… 😛 ). I have to think about it a little bit more…

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