Review: Lost and Found by ZA Maxfield

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RV resort security chief Ringo never believed in love at first sight . . . until he saw Gavin playing his sax on the beach for the tourists. But their on-again, off-again affair—even counting all the great makeup sex—doesn’t come close to the relationship he wants. All he really wants for Christmas is a commitment from Gavin.

Instead he discovers that Gavin has had surgery without telling him, so he lays down a relationship ultimatum while Gavin recuperates. Complicating matters even more, Gavin’s beloved dog Bird runs away, and Gavin blames Ringo for the disappearance.

While Ringo throws every resource he has into finding Bird, he learns deeper truths about Gavin—how hard it is for him to trust and how little faith he has in love. Maybe if Ringo can find Bird, he can salvage Gavin’s faith. Maybe this Christmas, they can all find each other.

Gavin is a musician who lives at a RV resort year round. He loves his music and his dog Bird. Besides that he can’t seem to be bothered to be nice to anyone else – including his on again off again lover, Ringo.

Ringo is the security chief at the RV resort and is totally in love with Gavin. He seems to take a lot of shit from Gavin but he keeps coming back. He finally decides one day to change things between himself and Gavin and refers to it as the New World Order. Ringo knows that Gavin has a temper and lashes out at him but Ringo has decided that as much as he loves Gavin if he can’t get his shit together then he’ll have to move on.

When Gavin’s dog, Bird, goes missing Gavin is beside himself but Ringo is determined to find the dog for him. While this is happening Ringo is making the changes in his life that will hopefully bring Gavin to see that they belong together forever.

Oh what a great story. Ringo and Gavin’s story brought a smile to my face and made my heart hurt all at once. As Maxfield does so well, she took two very different men and brought them together in a love story that was very touching.

I have to say that I didn’t really care for Gavin all that much at first. He was verbally abusive to Ringo and I thought Ringo could do a lot better. But as the story went on I realized that Gavin was hiding behind his temper to hide his emotions and his fear. He grew so much in the story and I really loved him by the end of the book.

Ringo…wow. He was awesome. A wonderful man with so many great qualities. He was so patient and kind to everyone and even when Gavin was being such a bastard he never really lost it. He figured out what was wrong in their relationship, made a plan as to how he was gonna fix it and then went for it. You gotta love a man of action. Ringo really made this story.

Again, this was a great story that I very much enjoyed reading it from beginning to end. This is one Christmas story you don’t want to miss.

Rating: 4 out of 5

ZA Maxfield

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