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Hey guys!

It’s a crazy day here in Tracyland. Work is weird and, well, it’s just an odd day.

I really want to get this up but I don’t have but a minute. I’m gonna post what I read last week and their ratings and I’ll have to come back later to add more info – sorry!

Once She Was Tempted (Honeycote, #2) by Anne Barton 4 out of 5 full review here.
This is the story of a woman who has two portraits painted to earn money for her sick mother.  Now her sister has married a Duke and she’s mixing with the Ton.  When an Earl tells her that not only does he own one of the portraits but brings the thought to her that if he has one then maybe another member of the ton might have the other.  They set off on a mission to find the other portrait and end up falling in love.

If You Were Mine (The Sullivans, #5) by Bella Andre 4 out of 5 full review here.
Zach owns auto shops and is a ladies man.  When his brother wants him to watch his yorkie, Cuddles, he’s baffled as to what to do with her.  Heather is a dog trainer and helps Zach train Cuddles but they fall in love while it’s happening.

Kinked (Elder Races, #6) by Thea Harrison 5 out of 5 – freakin awesome book.
Aryal and Quentin hate each other with a passion.  Aryal has been investigating Quentin for 2 years because she thinks that he’s a career criminal. Now he’s a Sentinel and she’s determined to catch him.  When they brawl in the middle of the Cuelebre tower Dragos banishes them for no less than 2 weeks, no more than a month.  He sends them to Numelaur where they not only become friends but lovers and then more.

My Book Binge reviews that posted:
Beauty and the Billionaire by Jessica Clare
Archangel’s Legion by Nalini Singh
A Simple Twist of Fate by HelenKay Dimon
(Never) Again by Theresa Paolo
Unbound by Cara McKenna

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