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The Virgin: RevengeToday author J. Dallas is here to discuss the hero of part one of her debut serial, The Virgin: Revenge.

I was seventeen when I met Drake Gallagher. Seventeen, naive, foolish…and in love. Or so I thought. That summer, and
Ten years later, I’m still struggling to put the pieces of me back to together.the months that followed, set the course of my life.

It’s time to stop struggling. It’s time to take control…and maybe, it’s time for a little revenge.

He doesn’t have time for naive little virgins?

Well, I’m not naive anymore.


Five Things about My Hero


Writing in first person can make it hard to get a good look inside the other person’s head. I know what Drake is thinking, but so much of this story has to be told through Shannon’s experiences and thoughts, and revealing how Drake feels has to come slowly.

But there are some things I can share.

  • His favorite color is gray—oddly enough, Shannon likes that color as well. He’s got a personal reason for liking it
  • He never dates anybody within the workplace
  • He often travels to a small town north of Boston
  • When he leaves that small town north of Boston, he’s disappointed
  • His nickname is the Boy Genius. He graduated from high school when he was fifteen, started college that same year. Made his social life…interesting.

You can read more about it in Revenge, and then find out how everything turns out in Redemption, the conclusion to Shan & Drake’s story, due out in early 2014.

For now, here’s a snippet.

The meeting had less than thirty minutes to go when Drake had appeared, settling into his seat without even looking at me.
I felt the dismissal like a cut.
And that had been the order of the day.

There was nothing discussed but business.
He didn’t look at me, except to discuss meetings, request information…basically everything I wished my job had been from the beginning.
Now he was staring at me with intense eyes as I packed my bag. “There are no meetings scheduled tomorrow until noon, when you’re meeting with your brothers,” I said, keeping my voice steady, thinking of the resignation letter. I hadn’t had a good time to present it. Did I just leave it on his desk?

He rose from his chair.
I tensed as he came around to stand behind me. He reached up and smoothed a hand down my shoulder, I closed my eyes. “Should I be here at seven or will eight work?”
He pressed his mouth to my neck. “Come home with me.”
“That wouldn’t be wise,” I said softly.
His hands slid my skirt up. “Why not?”
“It just wouldn’t.” He slid his fingers inside the waistband of my panties and my knees buckled. “Drake—”


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17 responses to “Guest Author (+ a Giveaway): J. Dallas

  1. Kristine R

    I loved the snippet and the title of this book is an eye grabber I will definitely check this book out.

  2. Christina

    First person books can be fun, trying to know whether the POV character is reading the other character correctly or if the author had dropped a hint at something that the POV character missed but then I’m guessing at. I like the extra tension/mystery.

  3. Glenda M

    First person is really hard to do right. The excerpt looks like it does work here. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Anita H.

    I’m always iffy about first person POV books but I do enjoy it when it’s written from both the male and female POV! Thanks for sharing the excerpt and giveaway!

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