#DFRAT Excerpt & Giveaway: The First Time Again by Barbara Meyers

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The First Time Again

“I borrowed one of your T-shirts. Hope you don’t mind.” She came toward him. “Uh, no. Help yourself.” He set everything on the table. Then he stared at her some more.

“What?” she finally asked.

“I had you figured for a T-shirt kind of girl. You know. To sleep in.”


“But you walked out of the bathroom in New York in a silky, sexy nightie.”

“So? I wasn’t planning on sharing a room with you when I packed.”

“I know. It threw me.”

“It did?” Her lips curled into a smile.

“Do you have any idea how sexy you are?”

“Not really. No.”

“Sharing a room with you about drove me crazy.”

“It did?” The smile returned.

“Why do you think I was so cranky the first morning?”

“Because of me?”

“Baylee, let me tell you something. You want to turn a guy on, you put on that sexy outfit and give him one of your ‘you can’t touch me’ looks. You’ll drive him crazy in about five seconds.”

“I have a ‘you can’t touch me’ look?”

Trey grinned. “You did.” He pulled her to him. “Not so much anymore.” He dropped a kiss on her lips. “Let’s eat.”

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