#DFRAT Excerpt & Giveaway: Jezebel by Koko Brown

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Celeste Newsome is a good time girl with plenty of personal demons. The beautiful dancer holds them at bay with late night benders, plenty of hooch and the company of the opposite sex.

Determined to never let anyone change her bad girl ways, and risk discovery of her Achilles heel, Celeste is turned inside out when Shane Brennan walks into her life. The handsome prizefighter slowly chips away at the hard-hearted Hannah’s defenses and becomes the only man capable of taming her wild heart.


Unable to help herself, Celeste reached out and slid her hands over his shoulders. He was so rock solid and masculine, he made breathing difficult. Although he’d been a gentleman all night, he looked like a man who took what he wanted. The thought of him taking her made the little button between her legs throb, and the tone of her voice dip to a seductive level.

“You got me, Daddy. Now what are you going to do?” she asked, proud her voice didn’t quake like her insides.

“You’re a real party girl, aren’t you?” He brushed his hands over her forearms, and Celeste called on all her reserves and years of experience to keep from wrapping her legs around his waist. “You’re all fun and games.”

Not the least bit insulted since she was a notorious flirt, Celeste touched her finger against the tip of his nose. “There’s nothing wrong with having a good time as long as no one gets hurt.”

His green eyes darkened to a dark coffee color and his nostrils flared. Even though she wanted to run for cover, Celeste held her ground.

“Even at another’s expense?” he asked.

Called on the carpet more than once in her life, Celeste studied her polished fingernails.

“There wasn’t any harm done.”

“No harm done?” Fascinated, Celeste watched his Adam’s apple bob with each syllable.

“Nope,” Celeste replied cheerfully. His dark mood seemed to lighten hers. Anger was so much more manageable than kindness. With a coquettish tilt of her head, she traced the edge of his jacket lapel with a finger.

“Don’t have a hissy, Daddy. All of this can be rectified quite easily. After tonight we’ll simply steer clear of each other.”

Celeste ignored the pang of regret her words caused. Somehow, and in the most surprising way possible, he’d crawled under her skin. He made it impossible for her to think about anything except the two of them naked rolling around in clean white sheets.

“That’s not going to work for me. I’m calling in the favor and aim to collect.”

“You won’t get any objections here,” Celeste gushed in relief. Then in a purely submissive move, she placed her arms behind her back and leaned against the wall.

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  1. BookLady

    Intriguing book! Great excerpt. Thanks for the giveaway. My favorite read this month was Ever After by Kim Harrison.

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