#DFRAT Excerpt and Giveaway: Wolf Signs by Vivian Arend

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Wolf's Sign
In today’s DFRAT awesomeness, we’ve got an excerpt and a giveaway from the one and only, Vivian Arend.  Viv is sharing an excerpt from her book, Wolf Signs and she’s giving away 10 copies of Wolf Signs.  Pretty freaking awesome!

Here’s the excerpt:

Robyn let her gaze wander over him as he added more snow to the hot bucket. He was big. One of the biggest men she’d ever seen, and perhaps rushing into the cabin and shouting at him hadn’t been the smartest thing to do.

His dark brown hair hung in a braid almost to his hips. Broad shoulders covered with a dark T-shirt, he had a tribal tattoo that wrapped around his left arm at the biceps. She was tempted to move closer and examine it, but he returned with her full glass and she tried to hide the fact she’d been staring at him with a quick shift to face the table. She spotted the notepad and pencil she’d left out earlier. She tapped it and motioned for him to sit beside her.

You talk and I’ll write. You need to make sure I see your face.

“I’m Keil and that’s my brother, TJ.”

Robyn Maxwell from Whitehorse.

“I’m sorry we frightened—”

Robyn interrupted him by waving a hand in the air and starting to write. It was an accident. I couldn’t hear you and I wasn’t paying attention. Tell TJ I’m sorry I pulled my knife on him.

Keil rotated to face his brother. Robyn watched as TJ drew up a chair opposite her and held out his hand. “Nice to meet you, Robyn,” he said drawing out his words in an exaggerated manner.

Oh goodie. TJ was an idiot. Robyn glared at him and shook his hand hard enough to make him pull back in surprise. She grabbed the pad.

I’m deaf, not stupid. Don’t talk weird for my sake. She flipped the pad around to let him read it while she took another drink.

This was the hard way to get to know people. It was much easier when Tad was along, because she could talk to him and he’d pass on messages and it would end up feeling natural and not this ridiculous slow process. She sighed and grabbed the pad back. Keil laid a soft hand on her arm to get her attention and a curious sensation raced through her body.

Heat slid from his hand to her arm, tickling, tingling. What was that all about? She looked down at his hand and felt the warmth still radiating, small bursts of electricity racing up her arm and making the hair on the back of her neck stand up. He gave a slight squeeze to get her attention and she glanced up at his face.

“What pack?”

She pulled back in confusion and shrugged.

“Robyn, you said you live in Whitehorse. Are you Takini or Miles Canyon pack?”

Here it was again. What was he talking about? It was too bad he seemed to be slightly crazy because he was the hottest thing on two legs she’d ever seen.

She hoped he was fun crazy and not kill-people-in-the-middle-of-the-night crazy. Writing a short note she tossed the pad toward him as she got up from the table. Putting on her coat, she took a final quick glance his direction before heading outside for a breath of air.

Yup, he was hot. Out of his mind, but very easy on the eyes. Smelt yummy too. She ignored the strange throbbing sensation in her limbs and forced herself to walk outside.

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Good luck everyone!

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13 responses to “#DFRAT Excerpt and Giveaway: Wolf Signs by Vivian Arend

  1. Diane

    Since I’m not a movie follower, I rarely recognize them! So it’s no problem for me…I do love shifter stories!

  2. Trix

    I’ve had no problem with them so far, though they tend to lend themselves to either the “arrogant jerk set up for a fall” or “down-to-earth guy secretly hoping to escape the biz” plotline…

  3. Gabby

    I like them because getting to see a side of a person that most people don’t get to see, because they’re constantly in the limelight makes it easier to see what the heroine sees in them.

  4. Nicola W

    Can’t see whether this is an international give-away or not, so I’m entering and praying it is. Movie stars are people too. While it can be a way of life as well as a job, I’m sure there are all kinds of people who are movie stars. So I don’t mind them being in books as long as they are fully rounded characters, not caricatures.

  5. Kare

    Only read a few movie star characters (I tend to favor rock stars over movie stars) but just like any other character, as long as they’re fully developed as a character, I can get in to the book

  6. Aurore

    I haven’t read a lot of books with movie stars. It’s strange now that I think about it, there are so many novels about rock stars and athletes. I’ve nothing against a hero being a movie star, that’s for sure!
    I loved the excerpt. I know I totally have to read this series.

  7. ELF

    I don’t watch a lot of movies (I’d rather read, lol) so I often miss the reference or I have to look up the name to figure out what they look like so it doesn’t really matter to me one way or another. Thanks for the giveaway, sounds like a very intriguing story.

  8. Jess1

    Movies stars can make interesting characters in a book, but their lives are so different that I wonder about sustaining the HEA.

  9. BookLady

    I am not a fan of movie star characters in novels; other characters are usually more interesting. Enjoy paranormal romance and love shifter characters.

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