#DFRAT Excerpt and Giveaway: Second Chance at Forever by Heather Lire

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When Morgan Sanderson
left her grandparents’ anniversary party, she had no idea how much the
previous week would impact her life. Four years later she’s living a
content life, teaching literature and being the best mom she can be,
even if she knows something is missing. That thing being the one person
she can’t forgive and yet can’t get over. 

week Ryan Cartwright spent with Morgan was the best week of his life
until tragedy struck, one that changed his life completely. Four years
later he discovers he has three year old twins with Morgan, the one
woman he’s never been able to forget and let go. Can he forgive her from
keeping the knowledge of his sons from him?

As they uncover
the truth behind their separation, they discover the love they’ve always
felt for each other is still there, but can they ever trust each other


Morgan felt she needed to restore the earlier lightheartedness of the day. She once again slid her hand into Ryan’s and flashed him a smile. “You never finished telling me how a Texas boy ended up in New England… You said college, however, I’m pretty sure you finished college a while ago. Why are you still here?”

“What makes you think I’m still here? Maybe I flew out for the week, or I like to vacation here?” He shot her a quick grin.

Morgan laughed at him, “Let’s see, the license plate on your Jeep is a Massachusetts license plate. It is too well-lived-in to be a rental, and there is what looks to be a gym bag and another bag in the back as well.”

“I think someone liked Nancy Drew as a kid. You’re quite the detective.” He clasped a hand to his heart and laughed.

She harrumphed at him and tapped his shoulder with her own. “Maybe I’m secretly a spy sent to infiltrate a house party, so I notice all the little details.” She paused for dramatic effect, making them both laugh. “Now are you going to answer me?”

“Why? I’m having too much fun teasing you.” He pulled her closer and draped his arm over her shoulder while keeping hold of her hand. He brushed a kiss across the top of her head. Morgan was sure it was an unconscious move, but one she was very certain he was aware of.

Morgan playfully shoved her elbow into his chest, making him laugh and hug her close.

“I’m still here because this is where I found my niche in the world.”

“You mean it wasn’t because you were tired of all the Bonanza jokes, what with the last name Cartwright, in Texas?”

“Ha, ha. My dad loves all those references. My mom likes to tease my brother and me that if he’d had his way, we would have been named Hoss, and Little Joe. Needless to say, we’re extremely grateful our mom put her foot down. He has a room in their house devoted to all things Bonanza, and we all indulge him by adding to it every birthday, Father’s Day, and Christmas. It’s become a game between me and my siblings on who can find the most obscure stuff from the show.”

Laughing at the image he’d given her of his father she asked, “And who has found the most obscure thing?”

“My sister, Jess. She met someone who knew someone who’d gone to church with the guy who played Hoss. She arranged to meet them and discovered they had the mug the guy had drank his beer from on the show. It was collecting dust, and they wanted to get rid of it. It is now collecting dust in my parents’ house.”

They saw the old-fashioned ice cream parlor sign and grinned at each other. Without saying a word they made their way into the store. Ice cream cones in hand, they made their way toward the park at the end of the block, careful not to drop melting scoops of frozen heaven from their cones. Taking a seat on a bench under the shade of an old oak tree, they watched the game of kickball taking place.

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  1. I believe in second chances but, just like everything, we have to work to make it work!
    I really have to read Heather's novel. Thanks for the excerpt (loved the mug story) and the giveaway.

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