#DFRAT Excerpt and Giveaway: The Dungeon by Velvet

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THE DUNGEON…where lust hurts so good.

Chef Kendall Hall had it all, a successful restaurant in Manhattan and a budding career as a television chef. With all of her accomplishments, there was still something missing… a satisfying love life. All that changes when she becomes a member of The Dungeon a sensual, sexy and stimulating club where role play and a wide spectrum of BDSM activities take place. It’s at The Dungeon where she meets her sub, whom she dominates, commanding him to do more than lick the bottom of her dirty boots. Dressed in black latex, wig, slutty make-up and shades, Kendall’s true identify is well hidden. 

Casino owner Magnus Richards is handsome, charismatic and a member of The Dungeon. He has no idea that his Dominatrix is also his business partner. With his face concealed underneath a leather hood, Kendall is also clueless as to Magnus’s identity. As they work closely together on opening a new restaurant, Kendall and Magnus fall in love. When their identities are revealed, will it destroy their chance at true happiness?


Magnus was in the conference room waiting on his third appointment of the day. Jan had set up meetings with a few restaurateurs regarding leasing out the casino’s new space. The first two guys whom Magnus met with didn’t share his vision; they each wanted to open a family-style restaurant. Magnus was taken aback, since they each had swank Manhattan establishments. He had assumed that the owners would want to replica their New York places in Atlantic City, but he was wrong. Magnus didn’t waste any time telling them that the new restaurant at ACES was going to rival the topnotch restaurants in New York and Vegas. He wasn’t looking for another all-you-can-eat buffet, so needless to say those two meetings were short.

As he waited for the next meeting to start, Magnus couldn’t help but think about last night. He was back at his favorite place… The Dungeon, and as usual had the pain of his life. The scars from his previous visit had healed and he was ready for more punishment. The Grand Domme was busy breaking in a newbie, so Magnus started off the night in the Red Room. As he was languishing on the floor, in the corner, a vision appeared. She was dripping in black latex, wearing a long, flaming red wig, shades, and slutty makeup, which he loved. Through the eye slits in his black leather hood, he saw her strut in, order a drink and look around. He prayed that she picked him for the night, and sure enough, after finishing her drink, she walked straight over, and stood directly in front of him.

“Come with me,” she had said.

Magnus rose, and followed her out of the Lounge to a private suite. He could tell by her conversation that she was new to the game. Dominates never asked Submissives what they wanted – and he should know, since he played both roles – but the minute they entered the room, she asked, “Should we devise a safe word, before we get started?”

As the Top, she should have told him the rules, not asked. Magnus started to go back to the Lounge and wait for a more experienced partner, but she intrigued him. Although her face was practically disguised with the heavy make-up, wig and dark glasses, her body was banging, and he was anxious to find out what type of game she had. After deciding that kumquat was going to be the safe word, the party began.

She held up her whip, waved it twice in the air, making a cracking sound. “Get over here and kiss my ass.”

Magnus began slowly walking towards her.

“STOP!” she shouted. “Did I say walk? Get on your hands and knees, you dog!”

Sure didn’t take her long to get in the groove, Magnus thought, and smiled behind his hood. Now she was talking his language.

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3 responses to “#DFRAT Excerpt and Giveaway: The Dungeon by Velvet

  1. Hmm, I'm never sure I am going to appreciate tales with Dommes but this does sound like an interesting premise. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I have only ever read one other book with a Domme but this one sounds like fun. I will have to add it to my tbr list. Thanks!

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