#DFRAT Excerpt and Giveaway: Buckin’ Chastity by Tina Holland + a 4 books to giveaway

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Buck Caulfield wanted to win a buckle not break a leg. He did just that, and “Doc” Chastity Meadows patched him up and then put him to bed.

Chastity never got over Buck because she didn’t have time. She went from setting broken limbs to barely breaking even. Her father’s sudden death left Chastity to take over the family ranch now in dire straits.

Chastity has managed to keep the banker and her ambitious neighbors at bay but for how much longer? An unexpected windfall comes: Buck Caulfield.

He had no idea Chastity owned the ranch he was looking at taking over, but now that he’s found her, he’s not about to let her go, not someone as lovely as his buckin’ Chastity.


“Look, Doc. I got no problem with this here leg. I do, however, have a problem with you being this close.” Buck intentionally brushed his hand over her breast. He made no apologies as his fingers caught the nipple beneath her white T-shirt. “If you want to look at my leg…you can look at the rest of me too.”

“Fine.” The simple word came out husky as she leaned closer to his hand.

Buck didn’t expect her response. He fully intended to scare her off, not lure her in. Her nipple pebbled between his rolling fingers, and her hand cupped the front of his jeans, rubbing him through the fabric. She smelled good. The pain in his leg was replaced by a more urgent ache in his groin. If her fingers continued their sweet play, he would embarrass himself. Buck ran his free hand along the door until it rested against the cold metal of the knob. He needed to open the door and get her inside. He turned the handle slightly and shifted. The movement was a mistake. He tumbled backward and hit the floor hard.

The sound of Buck hitting concrete echoed down the hall as he heard Chastity shout, “Medic!”

“It’s fine.” Buck forced the words past his teeth. If he thought the pain before was bad, this was hellacious torture.

“You are not fine.” She turned and directed the two men in white who hustled up with a stretcher in tow. “Get him up on the gurney.”

The two medics lifted him like a sack and threw him onto the cart, ignoring Buck’s grunt of displeasure at their roughness.

Buck looked to Dr. Meadows. She was all business now. Chastity unbuttoned his shirt, pulling the fabric back. She ran her hands along the waist of his jeans until she grasped his T-shirt, tugging the ends out. Doc ran her cool hands up his warm skin resting them and the cold stethoscope against his heart. He inhaled sharply.

“Sorry,” her breath whispered against his shoulder. “I should’ve warmed it up.”

Buck’s rapid breathing had nothing to do with the cold metal on his chest. He had to calm his man-parts down. He was in a horrible amount of pain, and still he sat sporting a huge hard-on for the Doc with two male medics in tow. Could it get any worse? 

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4 responses to “#DFRAT Excerpt and Giveaway: Buckin’ Chastity by Tina Holland + a 4 books to giveaway

  1. I like most genres of romance (except zombies) but I guess I am most partial to science-fiction romance followed by paranormal. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Elf2060 – I'm not a huge sci-fi fan myself but read it from time to time. I do love cowboys though so this one sounds good!

    Tina – thanks for being a part of DFRAT!

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