#DFRAT Excerpt & Giveaway: Love & Chemistry by Cheryl Dragon.

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L&C medLove & Chemistry
MF Light BDSM Erotic Romance
Masters Wanted Series Book 3


Minny Burgess enjoys being the admin for a bunch of smart and mostly male scientists. She never went to college and without the right dom she’ll never be happy or in control. Wild and adventurous, she’s shocked to find out the straight-laced and serious chemistry professor Colin Zimbel is an experienced dom. He sees Minny needs serious discipline, but he’s not looking for a little fun or occasional kink. Colin wants one sub forever, and Minny might be the challenge to keep him interested. First, he needs to tame the eager sub and see if she can commit…


An hour later, Colin knew most of the other professors would be in class. Things would remain quiet for a bit so he emailed Minny to stop by when she had a moment.

Not five minutes later there was a soft knock on his door.

“Come in,” he said.

Setting aside the papers in front of him, he looked up. Attraction was not a problem. He’d worked hard not to think of the admin as a sexual option since she’d arrived there last year. As a general rule, he preferred to be a man of science at work. However, his personal life had been extremely quiet since his last sub moved on to another dom five years ago.

“You needed something?” Minny asked.

“Close the door and take a seat,” he replied.

A momentary look of confusion crossed her face, but she went along with it. As she sat there in a red checkered dress that came only to her mid-thigh, he wondered what she had on underneath.

“It’s come to my attention you are attending sorority parties.”

Her jaw dropped. “No, not really.”

“Perhaps it was a frat function. The point is it’s not really appropriate to mingle with the students on that level. I realize you’re support staff, but if the department head found out, it wouldn’t be good for you.” Colin watched her closely.

Her hands trembled. “I know. It’s not a regular thing. Honestly, I was invited. I didn’t go to college, so I missed out on some experiences.”

“That isn’t the responsibility or the fault of the college employing you. Nor did attending the party, which probably would’ve gone unnoticed, require you to enter a wet T-shirt contest.” He glanced at her assets. She deserved to win, but what he liked more than the generous cleavage was the balance in her form. Her hips were every bit as full, giving her the hourglass shape. There was nothing scrawny or fake about her.

“At least I won.” She smiled. “Are you going to report me?”

He cleared his throat. “You’re good at your job. I think you like it. So no, I’m not going to report you now. But after further investigation, I think there might be a better solution.”

“A solution?” She crossed her legs and bounced her foot in a red high heel in the air. “Don’t go to the parties. Got it.”

As she stood up to leave, he pushed back from the desk slightly. “No, I think your posting on “Masters Wanted” said it all. Come here.”

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  1. ELF

    I am not a big follower of movies so often I am clueless who some of the big names are, therefore it doesn’t usually matter to me one way or another. Thanks for the giveaway!

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