Review: Bite Me by PJ Schnyder

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Genres: Anthologies (multiple authors)

Few people walk the streets of London since the zombie outbreak, but that’s not an issue for Seth. As a werewolf, he can handle himself and save humans reckless enough to take a nighttime stroll. While on patrol he comes across a group of people under attack. The one woman brave enough to take a stand against the zombies catches his eye—and not just because of her way with a gun. Learning the beautiful woman is homeless and fends for herself only intensifies his urge to protect and care for her.

Maisie can’t help but admit that she’s attracted to her werewolf rescuer. She’s drawn to Seth’s strength and ferocity, and finds herself opening up to him in ways she never imagined, even though she’s determined to not rely on Seth or anyone else. She doesn’t want another person to get hurt—or die—for her sake. She has enough scars, physical and emotional, from the last time…

But when Seth realizes something is drawing the zombies to Maisie, there may be nothing he can do to save her…

Seth had been out with one of his packmates earlier and was trying to walk off his anger when he heard a woman scream. Being that most of London was infested with zombies, hearing a human scream wasn’t a good thing. When he makes it to Kensington Gardens he finds a woman protecting a family from a hoard of zombies that are bent on getting to feed. Between Seth and the woman, Maisie, they manage to get the family away and the zombies taken care of. In the fight, however, Maisie shot Seth so she takes him back to her animal clinic to patch him up.

Maisie is surprisingly unaffected by Seth’s growls and complaints and Seth is soothed by Maisie’s calm nature. They talk and go to dinner at a nearby pub and Seth is smitten. He wants to be around Maisie all the time and can hardly hold himself back from going to see her first thing the next morning. When he hears that Maisie’s apartment building may soon be infested with zombies he knows he’ll stop at nothing to save her.

This was a great little paranormal/shapeshifter/zombie novel. I liked how the author brought in all the different elements and even mentioned vampires, witches and fae. She gave us the low down on how the zombie infestation came about and continued by giving us the information bit by bit throughout the story rather than overwhelming us with an info-dump and I appreciated it.

Seth was a bit of an enigma, even at the end of the book. We got some info about him but not a whole lot of back story of which I think there was a great deal. We did get to know him somewhat though and what I saw I definitely liked. He was strong and fierce, gentle when he needed to be and really very thoughtful. All that wrapped up in one hot alpha package and hell, what’s not to like? lol

Maisie was a strong character as well. She was a single woman who had lost her family to the zombies and was homeless to boot. Despite that she was pretty well put together and kept her animal clinic going despite her hardships. She dealt with the loss of her family by learning how to protect those she cared for and it paid off. She was someone to be admired, that’s for sure.

Overall the story was a good one and I’m curious to see what book 2 in this series brings us. Will we get more of Seth and Maisie (which would be a good thing) or will we move on to other characters? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Rating: 4 out of 5

PJ Schnyder

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