Nalini Singh Book Signing in LA. (+Giveaway)

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Nalini Singh was in town for the launch of her new release to the Psy-Changeling series, Heart of Obsidian and I was thrilled to be able to have gone.

I went with my friend Tasha who is a huge Nalini fan and I think it’s safe to say that we had a good time.

We met for a quick bite to eat before the signing, where my friend Tasha met Renee (a guest reviewer here on Book Binge).  Introductions were made, food was eaten, books were discussed and then it was time to head down the street for the signing.

When we first got there, we did a happy dance in the parking lot because this was Tasha’s first book signing and we wanted to get into the spirit of things (like only we can).

I’ve only been inside the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore once before but I don’t remember it being as awesome as it was last night.  You walk into the cafe first and there are tables and cool chairs for people to hang out at.  The bookstore is right past the cafe and it’s spacious, with room to walk and loads of books on display.  It really is a delightful hangout for book lovers.  I will definitely be back.

There was quite the crowd already gathered when we got there but it wasn’t hard for us to find seats.  Within minutes after we got there, the seats filled up and then there was only standing room left.  The area designated for the signing was pretty big and once Nalini walked in, she got down to business.

She talked very briefly about the new book, Heart of Obsidian (asking first if spoilers were okay, which was met with loud NO’S all around) and then she opened up the floor to questions.

I can’t remember everything that was discussed but we had a lively group last night and Nalini was freaking adorable.  She answered as many questions as she could and a good time was had by all.

She did say that she’ll be announcing the new couple for her next book after her book tour was done so be on the look out for that.

She couldn’t get into much about Heart of Obsidian since she didn’t want to spoil the book for anyone but the buzz around the book signing last night from those that read it was that it’s good.  Real good. I know that Ames has already finished reading it and she enjoyed it a great deal so that’s good news there.

Here are the rest of the pictures from last night.  I didn’t take very many, sorry. =)

Nalini Singh is in the building

Me, Nalini Singh and Tasha

Me and Thuy from Nite Light Book Reviews

I made a new book friend on Twitter yesterday.  Thuy and I started chatting on Twitter before the signing and we agreed to meet up there.  It was so nice to meet another awesome book blogger because you can never have too many book blogger friends.  She’s given me loads of paranormal and urban fantasy books and series to try so my list has grown.  It was lovely to meet you Thuy and I will definitely see you around Southern California at other bookish events.

GIVEAWAY ALERT: To celebrate the release of Heart of Obsidian, we’re giving away a signed copy of the book away here on the blog.

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16 responses to “Nalini Singh Book Signing in LA. (+Giveaway)

  1. No, there aren’t any signings in my area. I love Nalini Singh’s books. Thanks for the giveaway.


  2. I just went to a book signing about two weeks ago for the Two Rivers Romance Authors. Thanks for the giveaway.


  3. And of course, I didn’t answer the question: yes, I’ve been to three massive signings: RT and RWA 2009, and RWA 2010. I’m not sure I have recovered yet, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I could.

  4. Jess1

    I’ve never been to a book signing but your post makes it sounds so much fun to attend.

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

  5. I’m waiting very impatiently to get Heart of Obsidian from my public library. I would love to buy it but I’m trying to be good and keep to a budget. I really really really am having trouble waiting though. I want to read Obsidian more than any of the other books in the series to date. I wish I could go to a signing too but there aren’t any in my city. Still can’t wait to read Heart of Obsidian!

  6. I would love to but not many Authors come here. It sounds like fun maybe one day I will be able to attend one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Amazing Giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

    I have been to ONE book signing-Kelley Armstrong..woot!!!


  8. I don’t have plans to attend any book signings. But I do plan to read Nalini’s newest book! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  9. Kim

    There are none planned around where I live. I did go to one years ago where a local Harlequin author was signing.

  10. I’m soooo jealous! I love Nalini!
    As for signings… Yes 😀 I plan to be in ATL during RWA so I’m sure I’ll be at one 😉

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