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Zach Hanson is a tech wizard, capable of creating and improving gadgets–including remote nuclear warhead launchers. But he’s always known that he’s destined for something more, something greater, something…supernatural.

Powerful Air Amazon Gina Himmel is one of four sisters called to protect the world from those who would do it harm. Demigods in league with an Ancient have been taking over the bodies of leaders in the military and technological sectors, and Gina is sent to San Francisco to watch over Zach.

Under Gina’s protection, Zach is introduced to a world of ancient deities, rogue gods and the bold, brazen Amazons who keep humanity safe. Amidst the whirlwind of battle, Zach and Gina discover a love that could give them the power to save the world—or destroy it.

Sekhmet, the daughter of Ra, is an ancient Egyptian with amazing powers. She was born to be the Destructor but had been imprisoned for years to save the world. She has escaped and now she’s on a mission to destroy all mankind and rebuild. She is after the most brilliant techno-wizards with the thought that she can make Earth’s inhabitants kill themselves off and she’ll sit back and watch.

The Amazons are obviously not happy about this and are sent to watch over the men who Sekhmet might be after. Gina, the Air Amazon, was sent to watch Zach Hanson. After observing him for days she approaches him to offer her services, telling him that she works for Amazon Security. Zach takes Gina up on it but when Zach’s life starts to be endangered they end up back in Avalon, home to the Amazon’s.

Zach is more than a bit floored with all he learns about Amazons, Ancients, Goddesses and all the other beings and creatures that he thought were just myth are actually real. He takes it well though because realizing Gina is an actual Amazon doesn’t change his feelings for her. He falls in love with her and knows that he doesn’t want to be parted from her.

Gina, a tough fighting machine, was thought by others to be unwomanly and was called a dyke on more than one occasion. She also realized growing up that anyone she loved eventually left her. Because of these past emotional scars Gina is more than leery to open herself up to Zach – especially as she knows that once Sekhmet is taken down that Zach will have to go back to his life in San Francisco. She loves him but doesn’t want to see him hurt and that makes the decision to let him go very difficult.

The third book in the Alliance of the Amazons series and it was a good one. We see that the Amazon’s past successes haven’t made them rest on their laurels – they are out there fighting daily. Not only do we get to see Gina in action on almost every page we get to see Rebecca and Artair as well as Johann and Megan and their families. I loved seeing these couples from books 1 and 2 and their happiness.

With Gina I definitely think that the crux of her problems was fear. She loved Zach but feared that he would just get bored and leave her as everyone else in her life had, except the Amazons. They had been the only thing in her life that she had truly been able to rely on and the fear of losing Zach was too much to handle. She feared her own abilities as well as she would get so distracted by the man but when push came to shove she was on the ball and ready for action.

Zach seemed to be a lovely man who was open to new ideas (good thing since his world got turned upside down) and all of their possibilities. I loved that he wasn’t afraid to come out and tell Gina that he loved her and exactly how he felt about her – oh if only more men were like that! lol He did have a lot of guilt because of the fact that Sekhmet was using his own devices and creations for her evil plot but I think he assuaged that in the end as he did have a hand in taking her down.

Overall it was a great addition to the series and I can’t wait to see what happens with Amazon #4, Sarita. She’s just 5 feet tall and it seems she has a bit of a self-esteem issue so that will be interesting.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Sandy James

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