Guest Review: Slow Ride by Erin McCarthy

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Tracy’s review of Slow Ride (Fast Track #5) by Erin McCarthy

As a tribute to her late journalist father, Tuesday Jones is planning a career benefit, auctioning off racing memorabilia and meet-and-greets with drivers. Ex-racing star Diesel Lange has had his own brush with death, and is determined not to waste another minute of his life- especially when he meets Tuesday. He wants nothing more than to shift their romance into high gear, but he knows she’s still grieving. Can Diesel do the one thing he could never do on the track and take it slow?

Tuesday Jones formally meets ex-racing driver Diesel Lange at a wedding reception. She’s a bit smitten with him and they are mightily attracted to each other but since she’s had a bit too much too drink so Diesel just takes her home and leaves her to sleep it off. From that point on the couple start to see each other pretty regularly and have a great time. They start a physical relationship as well and that’s just an amazing part of their relationship too.

But Tuesday is mourning the recent death of her father and Diesel has completely closed off his feelings toward the near fatal accident that took him out of the racing circuit forever. These are issues that are making both of them emotionally unavailable to each other in a way that is a severe threat to their relationship. Along with that is the problem that Tuesday has of drinking her stress away – which would be fine if she stopped at one glass of…whatever. She wants to be in control of everything and when that can’t happen she drinks her stress away which puts her even more out of control.

Erin McCarthy has a fantastic way of writing relationships that are just normal. They’re fun and enchanting in their normality and I love that about her books. This book had that in spades and I loved seeing they dynamic between Diesel and Tuesday as Tuesday was an excitable talker and Diesel was pretty calm and didn’t speak all that much. It just worked between the two of them.

With this story I think that the angst waited too long to come along. While I loved seeing the relationship build you could also see the problems between the characters growing as well but then nothing was happening. In my opinion the problems were such that they needed to be dealt with much earlier in the story. If they could have been able do deal with their individual problems they would have then been able to deal with the issues that they had in their relationship – which were directly related. As it was I felt that things were a bit rushed at the end and I found that a bit disappointing.

Overall a cute book.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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