Guest Review: Scions: Resurrection by Patrice Michelle

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Genres: Paranormal Romance

Melissa‘s guest review of Scions: Resurrection by Patrice Michelle. The first book in her Scions trilogy.


When Ariel Swanson wrote a novel about vampires, she hoped it would exorcise her fear of the creatures that had, not so long ago, terrorized the human population.

Instead, it brought her to their attention.

And to the attention of Jachin Black-a man banished from the Saguinas, a vampire pack, and forced to hunt among the despised humans. For he clung to the prophecy given years ago, of a better way for his kind to live-a prophecy Ariel unknowingly used as the basis of her novel.

Ariel hates and fears vampires. Jachin despises humanity. But the prophecy-and passion-binds them in ways they could never have imagined. Ways that may heal past, and change the future….

A little romance, government conspiracy, vampires, werewolves, and tons of action.

The part that caught most of my attention is that the government created vampires to fight biological warfare. Can we say bad idea? USMC wife here, yeah, I could totally see some dumb-ass government official doing that.

Anyway. Jachin, is banished from his vampire pack, the Sanguinas. He wronged the head vampire, Braeden…girl trouble. So for the last 10 years he has been a paid assassin. The Sanguinas are not surviving, human blood has become toxic to them. By banishing Jachin, they believed they were giving him a death sentence. Jachin, tired of surviving on his own and wanting to see his race survive, figures the cute little author, Ariel, will be his ticket back into the pack.

Jachin is doing his best to ignore his attraction to Ariel, she is meant for Braeden. But there is nothing like a (or multiple) life or death situation to light the sparks. The Sanquinas want her bad to fulfill the prophecy, so all the bad guys are after her. Ariel is terrified of vampires, they murdered her whole family. But fights the whole way, not only for her life, she fights the growing attraction to Jachin. The plot, very simple, easy to follow…Boy abducts girl, they fall in love, live happily ever after. The prophecy, still unfulfilled, is suppose to unite humans, vamps and weres. Hmm, interesting thought, considering humans made vampires to do their dirty work, and vampires made werewolves to hunt for fun??!! Even though I wasn’t all that impressed with the book, I am interested in book two, to see how we all live in harmony.

I can’t exactly say what I didn’t like about the book. Maybe it was just a little to far out there for my historical preference.

3.0 out of 5

This book is available from Silhouette Nocturne. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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