Win the Tessa Dare Book Video, We’ll Post It Here

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Last year, historical romance author Tessa Dare made this EPIC book video. Seriously, it’s EPIC. I’m not usually a fan of book videos, but I wanted to marry this one and possibly have babies with it loved this one. Don’t believe me? Well, see for yourself:

Wasn’t that EPIC?

Tessa has donated one of these fabulous videos to Operation Auction. You, too, could have an EPIC book video made for your book. Worried that Tessa won’t be able to do one unless it’s for a historical romance? There’s no need. The Dareling bedroom has stuff for all genres:

If you win this video, we’ll post it here on our site for all our readers to see. If you don’t think we’re cool enough, so will Dear Author, Smart Bitches and a host of other sites (Tessa is putting a list together). So you get an EPIC book video AND free publicity. Pretty killer, right?

What are you waiting for? Go forth and bid!

Oh, hell, as long as I have you here I might as well remind you to bid on our auction, too! We donated 6 months worth of ad space. We don’t normally run ads, but we’re making an exception for charity. This means you’ll have exclusive promo!


Not interested in advertising? Don’t worry, there are a ton of other items up for auction, too. Books, ARCs, swag…go check it out, it’s for a really great cause.

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