New Blog on the Block!

Posted December 17, 2010 by Rowena in Reviews | 8 Comments

There’s a new blog on the block with a familiar face. Sarah, the blog administrator for Book Lurve is an oldie but goodie blogger who took a break from blogging but is back. She’s also reading some YA fiction which I think is freaking awesome (she’s actually reading Anna and the French Kiss right now and I’m super jealous!) and to top things off, she’s giving away the Mortal Instruments Series on her blog so jump on that!

You can check her blog out at:

For all of my younger readers (if there are any, really), I feel I must warn you that though Sarah will be reading/reviewing YA on her blog, she also reads a lot of romance so there will be a fair amount of adult reading as well, some erotica and what not so this is your warning!


..and that’s your scoop!

ETA: Thanks to Mollie from Booksfare Delight for the heads up on this! Mollie you rock and now you guys can see my Dexter background on my Firefox window? LOL.

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8 responses to “New Blog on the Block!

  1. I’ve only been on the block for three years (in another week or so…), so I’m not sure if I “met” Sarah before. No matter, though. You “introduced” us now. 🙂

  2. Rowena

    Hey Christine,

    You might remember Sarah from before, she used to run another blog which name has totally skipped out of my mind right now. Ugh but she used to run a romance blog a couple of years ago. A couple of romance blogs actually.


    No problem, happy reading! =)

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