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Main Characters: Beth, Kesli and Ella Tuttle
Series: Summer Boys Series, Book 2

Things are heating up again. Can you handle it?

The SUMMER BOYS girls are back on the beach for another dose of sizzling drama. Can soul mates Beth and George maintain their long-distance love affair, even while another boy is catching Beth’s eye? Will reformed bad girl Ella REALLY be able to change her wild ways? And can shy, smart Kelsi open herself up to love again after she’s had her heart broken? And what’s happening with Jamie on her summer writing program? Find out all this–and much more–in this sexy sequel.

Here’s the second book in the Summer Boys series by Hailey Abbott. I was curious to see how different (meaning better) this book would be compared to the first book which I enjoyed but didn’t exactly love. My problems in the first book (which you can read here) was the crap that Ella did and then the crap that Jamie did. Both of those girls were totally immature and they just got on my nerves. What’s funny is that in the first book, Beth was my favorite but in this book, it was Beth that I wanted to choke.

In the first book, we meet Beth and we see her fall for her best friend George. George was so great. You can see that he had some big time feelings for Beth but because he didn’t want to change the dynamic of their friendship unless it was something that Beth wanted as well, you couldn’t help but fall madly in love with him. We couldn’t and neither could Beth. Beth fell super hard for George and by the end of the summer, they got it right. The good thing about Beth and George’s summer lovin’ is that it didn’t end when summer was finished. They got to take their love home and nourish and strengthen it. So when the next summer comes and they’re both still going mighty strong, you just know that more cuteness was on its way, right?


George couldn’t go to Pebble Beach with the Tuttles because he had to work and Beth is not happy about that. While George is thinking about their future (and when I say future, I mean next school year and when Beth comes back, not happily ever after married kind of future), Beth is pouting because she’ll be all by herself this summer.

Umm, no you won’t because Ella and Kelsi will be there with you. Duh. But anyway, Beth starts the book off annoying me and as the story progressed, she continued to annoy me.

Then there’s Ella, Ella’s still carrying the secret of sleeping with her sister’s boyfriend last summer with her and a part of me is surprised that she hasn’t come clean about it with Kelsi but whatever. So they head up to Pebble Beach both swearing off boys for the summer. Ella wants the real thing while Kelsi is still smarting from last summer’s heart break that she doesn’t want to go through all of that again.

So they get to Pebble Beach and the drama begins.

Kelsi meets a guy named Tim and right off the bat, she’s judging him and being such a snob to him that I want Tim to find someone else because Kelsi was being a straight up b word for no apparent reason other than that she knows he’s a player and doesn’t want to give him the time a day (insert eye roll here).

Ella meets an undercover hottie who doesn’t know he’s hot but she does and she wants to make a move on him so that he can be her summer hottie and is confused when he totally rebuffs her and leaves her wondering, WTF?

Then there’s Beth. While at the beach, she meets a guy named Adam who she hits it off with. They become fast friends and because you know that things can’t just be like that between a girl and a boy, things get complicated fast between the two of these guys. It’s in this storyline that I’m disappointed in Beth because what she’s doing will not just hurt George but it’s going to hurt Adam too and the way she handled everything had me shaking my head because if you supposedly love someone…you don’t do anything that will hurt them and…she does.

The crap hits the fan when Kelsi finds out about Ella and Peter from last summer and while I was thinking, “FINALLY” I felt bad for Ella because yeah, she was sorry for it but I couldn’t help but take Kelsi and Beth’s side because what she did was pretty horrible. But as bad as I felt for Ella, I still didn’t want Kelsi to end up with Tim because she was such a b word to him and I wanted her to be all alone and learn her lesson about judging people without knowing a hot dang thing about them.

The whole thing in this book is everyone messes up and everyone deserved to be punished but I didn’t feel like any of these Tuttle girls were punished. Sure, they cried and were punks to each other but I didn’t feel that any of them were truly remorseful enough to get the easy make ups that they got.

After I finished the book, I shook my head. I don’t think I’ll be finishing this series because well, I don’t like these Tuttle girls. They’re immature little girls that play with boys feelings and in the end, get away with everything. Not my kind of folks. I can’t exactly say I hated this book but I didn’t love it either. So I’m giving it a C.

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  1. thanks for the review wena! i’ve seen this book before on amazon and i was tempted–nowadays i’m very into contemporary YA and always looking for my next read in this sub-genre. i’ll be skipping this series too. i don’t like silly girls.

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