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Today author Ava Bleu is here to promote her recent The Wild Rose Press release, The Diva of Peddler’s Creek.She’s talking about being a control freak..something some of us *coughnotmecough* can totally relate to.


A Control Freak’s Guide to Writing…

Writing is a control freak’s nightmare.

I say this from first-hand experience. I fully admit to my control freak tendencies. I don’t eat without a satisfying dessert. I don’t drive without a destination. I don’t take a stroll in the park unless I’ve identified a marker to stride towards. And I don’t write unless I already have the ending in mind. There has just got to be a point to it, right?

For some of us, it is perfectly natural to want to force our characters to follow our story. I liken it to something a man once said to me when I was with my wiggly little dog: “got that fella’ on a mighty tight leash, don’tcha?”

Instantly miffed at his criticism of my parenting skills, I thought to myself, Of course he’s on a tight leash, I love him. And otherwise I wouldn’t be able to control where he went. Duh! Know what I’m saying?

But that’s the dilemma; to be a successful writer you kind of have to be a little willing to lose control, let the story take you where it wants to go.

My greatest praise has come from writing I have done when I lightened up the leash a little and let my characters breathe. When someone reads your work, gets this perplexed look on their face and says to you: “why’d he do that?” what they really mean is “this is entirely out of character”. When you have to spend two pages justifying a character’s motivation, you should stop and ask yourself just whom you’re trying to convince. Then, familiarize yourself with your character and start over.

But, the story…. your inner voice whines.

Your words mean nothing at all if no one cares about them, and no one will care if you jerk them around (i.e. make them ask questions that shouldn’t need to be asked, and/or include details that don’t have any practical purpose other than to make you happy, and/or force them to do what is against the grain).

It’s easier said than done.

I’m no expert, just a fellow control freak trying to save you some grief. My advice? Keep control of your finances, your exercise regime, your kids, husband and your little dog, too… but lose control of your writing and strive for abandon. When you see your characters through the eyes of a bystander and not their creator, only then will your story truly come alive.

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6 responses to “Guest Author: Ava Bleu – Control Freak

  1. i’m a control freak about some things – like the kitchen – and not at all about other things – like what we’re doing for the weekend. my honey calls it a nice mix….

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  2. I’ve learned over the years to let things go; I don’t have to be in charge all the time. It took a while to learn, but it’s better for my mental health.


  3. Pam S (pams00)

    hmm I can be about my work, but generally not so much on anything else.

    Pam S
    pams00 @

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