Guest Review: Line of Fire by Jo Davis

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Tracy’s review of Line of Fire (Firefighters of Station Five, Book #4) by Jo Davis

To the other men of the A-shift, Tommy’s a lucky guy who has it all. But deep inside, the golden boy of Station Five hides a private pain. He was once a star quarterback on the fast track, until tragedy derailed his dream. Ever since then, he’s struggled with the choices he’s made–including his decision to become a firefighter.

His one ray of light shines in beautiful nurse Shea Ford. And when a dangerous rescue lands Tommy in the ER, what better opportunity to win her over? As Shea gives in to her feelings for him, Tommy and she reach the heights of passion. But when a conspiracy culminates in deadly arson, Tommy will lose more than he ever imagined. A ruthless enemy is closing in, threatening to destroy the couple’s love–and their lives.

Tommy is smitten with Shea but Shea, after two dates, won’t give him the time of day. When Tommy gets hurt during a daring rescue and heads to the hospital Shea is there to look after him. But things start feeling intimate, even at the hospital and Shea runs.

Eventually Shea and Tommy get together and it’s very sweet – they are a cute couple together but things aren’t all coming up roses. Tommy is almost killed in a warehouse fire/collapse and his hand is almost severed and his face is scarred Tommy has a hard time dealing with matters and shuts Shea out of his life. When he finally realizes his mistakes Tommy is determined to find out what or who caused the fire that changed his life forever.

This was a good book. As I said I thought that Tommy and She were cute together. They seemed to play off of each other well and they had a good chemistry between the tow of them. It was great to see Tommy overcoming his issues with his face and hand although I thought it was done a bit too quickly. The last book I read in this series was book 2 and Zach was getting hurt right and left. I missed book three so I can’t say what happened in that one but the firefighters in this book seemed to get hurt a lot. At least in this book Tommy was hurt in the line of duty which made it a bit more believable.

For the mystery/suspense part of it I wasn’t too thrilled. The person that was helping the villain was very one dimensional and I know it wasn’t his story but I would have liked to have a bit more background on him that I was given. I also felt that the villain was played down – even though he was pretty bad.

Overall a cute romance with some suspense involved.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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This book is available from Signet. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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2 responses to “Guest Review: Line of Fire by Jo Davis

  1. Luci

    I am reading this book right now. I wish i had skipped the part about Tommy’s injury because i didn’t get there yet. I was totally skimming the article and my gaze just had to fall on those words. I am enjoying this series though the one i am really looking forward to is Sean’s book.

  2. lol Sorry about that – it’s kind of a major part in the book so I couldn’t skip mentioning it. 🙂 Hopefully you’ll enjoy the book anyway. 🙂

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