Guest Review: Seduced by Silver by Gwen Campbell

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Ames‘ review of Seduced by Silver by Gwen Campbell.

When Meadow accompanies her boyfriend home for a weekend, she expects to try to rekindle their romance. Instead, she meets his father Keefe—mature, sexy and Alpha enough to claim her as his own.

And claim her he does. The heat that flares between them quickly turns to something more and their passionate joining leads to a deeper connection. But Meadow’s father is Keefe’s biggest business rival, and Meadow’s a daddy’s girl through and through—and her daddy’s not going to like this.

Reader Advisory: While the world in this book has the traditional werewolf pack structures, social statuses and hot, animalistic sex, the characters aren’t shapeshifters.

First of all, that cover makes me blush. LOL

Second, I enjoyed Seduced by Silver. The set-up of the Eupanorian world is different enough (humanoid beings with a culture based on wolf pack structure) that it totally makes sense that if someone isn’t Alpha enough for their woman, someone else is. And that it’s Meadow’s boyfriend’s dad? Hey, he’s the Alpha! And she’s an Alpha bitch! LOL

This kind of thing would not work for me in a contemporary or even a historical, but Gwen has created an interesting world and I bought it.

Killian and Meadow have been dating for a while. But after they reach final maturity, something that happens when a Eupanorian reaches their 20s, Meadow realizes that Killian isn’t her equal in the pack social structure. He’s mid-level. And she’s an Alpha. The trip to his childhood home is in an effort to rekindle their romance, a chance for Killian to prove he can handle her. Unfortunately, Killian couldn’t…but his father can. Meadow and Keefe don’t back down from each other and are constantly challenging the other. Perfect chemistry for two Alphas.

But can Killian live with the choice he made? And does Keefe want Meadow for life or for the rest of the trip?

I liked Meadow. She definitely was an Alpha and I loved that she was equal to Keefe. In shifter stories, the Alpha male is so alpha, and the heroine kind of isn’t. LOL So I really liked that these two were equal. And the hot sex doesn’t hurt. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more conflict, because there really wasn’t any. But for pure escapism with some Alpha-ness, I’d recommend Seduced by Silver for sure. 3.75 out 5

This book is available from Ellora’s Cave. You can buy it here in e-format.

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4 responses to “Guest Review: Seduced by Silver by Gwen Campbell

  1. You know I read the blurb on this one and just couldn’t get past the fact that it was her boyfriend’s dad. It just had yuk factor written all over it for me. Maybe if it was his uncle or another family it wouldn’t have been bad but the dad – eww. lol

    And the cover makes me blush too!

  2. The 30-some pages I read were enough to convince me this book isn’t for me. I was totally squicked out by the daddy/son dynamic. While the sex might have been hot, I couldn’t get past the fact that pops stole his son’s 20 year old girlfriend. Blech.

    The 2nd magic hooha on her back was just the icing on the cake.

    I do agree that the “pack” society was interesting though.

  3. I thought there was enough world building to explain how the pack dynamic stuff worked that it was different enough for me, that these weren’t exactly humans.

    Which is funny because I read a historical recently and I was totally squicked out by the brother/sister who were too touchy-feely in my opinion. LOL

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