Guest Review: Heart of Gold by Riley Ashford

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Guest Review: Heart of Gold by Riley AshfordReviewer: Tracy
Heart of Gold by Riley Ashford
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Publication Date: January 22, 2010
Format: eARC
Genres: Erotica, Paranormal Romance
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Local “history” says Gilmore Tucker sold Paradise, the beautiful slave he loved, and murdered his wife. So why is Gilmore trapped in his old plantation house, lamenting his lost love and fending off the evil bitch he married?

Enter Kylie Goldheart, looking for a place to belong and hoping the abandoned Tucker’s Plantation will be it. After cracking her noggin by a push from a not-so-friendly ghost, she’s rescued by Gil Baker, Gilmore’s descendant, who has returned to honor his ancestors by reuniting Paradise with her soul mate.if sprinkling her ashes on Gilmore’s grave can be considered an appropriate reunion.

The attraction between Kylie and very sexy Gil is intense, but their instant romance riles the evil lingering among the crumbling ruins of the magnificent old house.

Kylie has purchased the Tucker plantation with the hopes of putting down roots. It’s something she’s never had and she’s put all her eggs (and money) in one basket to buy the place and turn it into a B & B. Even if everyone does say it’s haunted.

The first day she gets the key she goes to check out the place that hasn’t been lived in for 200 years. It’s musty and old but she sees its potential. A freak fall (which is actually a push from a ghost) eventually lands her in Gil’s arms. Gil is the descendant of Gilmore Tucker. A man that Kylie believes is evil. Gil manages to get Kylie to listen long enough to him so that he can explain that no, Gilmore Tucker wasn’t an evil man, it was his crazy wife that was the evil one.

A very cute book that was, for the most part enjoyable. I did have a few issues with the ghosts. I truly didn’t see their purpose. Or, I guess I didn’t see the purpose in the evil wife’s ghost. They played such a small part of the story (and this was a quickie so it was pretty short (about 25 pages) that it almost detracted from the romance that Gil and Kylie begin.

Gil and Kylie are instantly attracted to each other but feel an incredible connection that bonds them to each other. I rarely go for insta-love but this one just had a feel to it – the author definitely had me believing that these two were something special together and that they were last.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5


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