Author Spotlight: The Dark Hunters.

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Sherrilyn Kenyon stays busy writing stories for the Dark Hunters series. There’s over 20 books/stories in that series alone. The series is so monstrous that it comes with a Dark Hunter companion to help you along your reading adventure.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you should know we’re all about the heroes here. We love us some hottie, manly stud heroes that rock our socks.

In the Dark Hunters series there’s a bunch of Dark Hunters, Dream Hunters, Were Hunters and all sorts of other paranormal creatures lurking in the darkness. After all, they’re the things that go bump in the night. =P

My question to you is: Who’s your favorite Dark Hunter, Dream Hunter, Were Hunter, Whatever Hunter from this series? There’s a whole lot to choose from but out of them all, who is your favorite?

I think it’ll help us see who has a shot at being the next last hero standing.

My favorite hero from this series is a tie between Zarek of Moesia from Dance with the Devil and Acheron Parthenopaueous. I love the both of them for the same reason. They were so tortured in their human lives. I couldn’t help but feel for them, want better for them and really to have someone show them the kind of love that really exists out there. I wanted them to see for themselves that there is good in the world and I think that’s why I waited so long for Ash’s book. I needed to see him get his happy ending. I was thoroughly happy with Zarek’s story (I don’t care what you think Holly, Zarek is the bomb![Holly: OMG, watch me stab my eyes out.]) and I wanted that same thing for Ash and wasn’t disappointed. I think of all of the books that I’ve read in this series to date, Acheron is my favorite. Such a good book it was!

So tell me…who’s your favorite Dark Hunter and why? Share your thoughts with us, won’t you?

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11 responses to “Author Spotlight: The Dark Hunters.

  1. maered

    Come on, it has to be Ash. His character was great esp the way we caught glimpses in all the DH books. But I must admit I wish that Ms Kenyon had fleshed out his story a bit more. Not his past. But I really thought his relationship with Tory needed to be explored more thoroughly. In fact, I was disappointed with the last past of Acheron. I felt the fans (esp the ones who had waited YEARS) deserved more.

  2. I’m with you Ro. I LOVE a tortured hero that gets a break and some lovin’ thrown their way. Zarek did it for me. I am actually getting ready to read Ash’s story so I’m hoping he will be up there too, by what I’ve read in other books leading to his story, the torture there will be ghastly.

  3. It took me three tries to finish Ash’s story. The first half is so heartbreaking.

    As for my favorite…I can’t choose. I have soft spots for Talon, Wulf, and Valerius. All for different reasons.

  4. Rowena,

    For sure it has to be Ash and Zarek. Just think, if all the heroes were prizes at the fair, who would you take home. Ash because he’s so cool. Zarek because he’s so, well, so Zarek.

  5. Hi there!

    Oh…I hate to choose. I don’t want the others to feel bad–I just don’t like to hurt peoples’ feelings. I like them all for different reasons. They are all so amazing. I’m so glad that I don’t have to choose which one will live or die–that would be horrible!

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  6. i haven’t read sherrilyn kenyon for years, since high school but i do remember zarek’s story. he’s the one who has a house in alaska right and his heroine was a daughter of a goddess? if he’s that one i liked him. he’ll get my vote. i think he is the only one i remember and i read quite a few kenyon books before i gave up on her.

  7. Nicole

    My favorite Dark-Hunter is definitely Valerius. Idk why, but for some reason, the very first time i saw him in the books i was hooked. A goner. and then i saw his picture on the dark-hunter website, and i was finished. >:] His story is my favorite so far. I also loved Kyrian’s story as well (hehe the two who hate each other more than anything)

  8. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read this series before but I recently picked up the first few so I plan on giving them a try soon. Looking forward to them!

  9. I like all of Sherrilyn’s heroes but I have to admit Ash and Zarek tie as my favourites for the same reason as you picked Rowena.

  10. Lorraine

    It’s impossible to pick just one favorite. I really can’t decide.

    I love Vane for the way he accepted Bride in all her size 18 glory. I love Valerius, who was such a puppy and so sweet when he went with Tabitha to the drag queen beauty pageant. Plus, he had absolutely no problem with her being kick-ass. And Wren…it made me cry when he looked down at his hand hoping to see the mating mark and was bitterly disappointed that it wasn’t there. They’re my top three favorites.

    I know I’ll get killed here, but while I loved Zarek in his book, I haven’t really liked him in the other books. As for Ash, although I’ve always loved him, I didn’t like what SK did with him in his own book. It was hard enough reading about his youth, but for her to make him be clumsy and bumbling seemed like such a departure from the Ash we knew. SK wanted to make the point that it’s difficult to get over abuse, which I agree with, but c’mon, isn’t there a point where we have to say, dude, let go of your past. It happened 9,000+ years ago. *scurries hurriedly away*

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