A New Blogger: My Mom!

Posted January 12, 2010 by Tracy in Reviews | 13 Comments

My mom, Judith, and I have been talking about blogging lately and I explained to her a while back how you go about setting up a blog, etc. Well she’s finally done it! You can find her at:

Dr. J’s Book Place

She started yesterday and she’s just posted a welcome post and then a list of what she’s read lately. If you feel like it you can go over and say hi – make her feel welcome in our little romance blogging world. 🙂

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13 responses to “A New Blogger: My Mom!

  1. That is so awesome!

    Can I just say – I'm jealous you have a Mom who reads romances. I can get my Lil' Sis to read erotica and some romantic-suspense – but she's the only one and those are about the only sub genres she'll look at.

  2. Hey Tracy, I already made my way over to your Mom's place and welcome her aboard!
    I am also jealous that your Mom reads romance… I have no one but my fellow bloggers to "chat" with about my love of the books! So here is to your Mom!!!! Cheers!

  3. How wonderful! I'll have to go over!! I've often thought my mom should be blogging about the books she reads (not romance, unfortunately) but I think the tech scares her.

  4. It is pretty awesome. She's the one who got my love of reading going and of course made me the romance book lover I am today.

    Of course she reads so damned fast that I'm quickly running out of books to give her. lol She's now going through my tbr pile because she's gone through all of the books that I've given her. Historical romances are her first love but she will read just about anything with romance in it. She's read some of my fantasy, paranormal & Contemporaries as well and really liked them.

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