Best of 2009: The Authors

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This is a new category for us this year. I was just thinking how there were some amazing authors I was introduced to (or re-discovered) this year, and I wanted to spotlight them.

1. Kris Kennedy
2. Moira Rogers
3. Christie Ridgway
4. Sarah Mayberry
5. Betina Krahn

Honorable mention: Jess Granger

Casee’s list:

1. Jennifer Lyon
2. Beth Kery
3. Jill Sorenson
4. Linda Winfree
5. Toni McGee Causey

Honorable mentions: Tracy Wolff and Marie Force.

Rowena’s list:

1. Jill Sorenson.
2. P.C. & Kristin Cast.
3. Kristan Higgins.
4. Heidi Betts.
5. Kylie Brant.

Honorable mentions: Tracy Anne Warren, Rowan Coleman and LuAnn McLane.

So there you have it…our favorite authors of the year. Now, share your favorite authors with us. Any authors that you were introduced over the year that you think we should check out? Let us know.

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8 responses to “Best of 2009: The Authors

  1. I read her. I didn’t consider her a “new” author since she writes as Leslie Kelly.

    Wyatt Blackstone was on my list of top heroes.

  2. New & wonderful to me in 2009 were Tessa Dare, Victoria Dahl, Meredith Duran, Gail Carriger and Leanna Renee Hieber. I also should mention Carolyn Jewel and Sherry Thomas, because I didn’t really KNOW and LOVE their books until this year.

  3. Wow only five, that’s tough. Let’s see :

    – Jennifer Echols
    – Kristan Higgins
    – TRacy Anne Warren
    – Christie Craig
    – Simone Elkeles

    Honorable mention : Marie Force, Robin Kaye, Anna Campbell, Sarah Mayberry and Julie James.

    OK that’s 10, I’m definitely cheating but I really can’t decide what are my favorite 5 😉

  4. Lori

    If you’re talking new-to-me and new authors, then I’d have to add in Tessa Dare and Julie James.

    Oh and yup, Jill Sorenson, too.

    Leslie Parrish was on my list. Did any of you read her trilogy?

  5. I love this post — great way to find new authors!

    I think it’s worth mentioning that of the authors I hadn’t already read, both Kris Kennedy and Marie Force lost a sale today, because I didn’t find any books by them when I looked for them on the Fictionwise ebook site.

    Moira Rogers and Tracy Wolff made a sale, because I found reasonably priced ebooks by them. Toni McGee Causey and Rowan Coleman also lost a sale because their ebooks were expensive (more than a mass market paperback would have been).

    Just saying…these lists are perfect for impulse buys, and ebooks are instant gratification.

  6. Statch,
    So sorry you couldn’t find Love at First Flight at Fictionwise. Line of Scrimmage is available in Kindle format through Amazon. The publisher tells me L@FF will soon be released on Kindle. I’ll post a note when it’s available. Thanks for your interest in my books!

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