Last Hero Standing: Susan Andersen.

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Alright, it’s another month, a new set of heroes but the same kind of fun. Just because I haven’t read any Susan Andersen books doesn’t mean that I’m going to let you guys miss out on the fun that is working to get your hero to be the last one standing at the end of the month.

So let’s get started. This week, we’ll be starting with all of Susan Andersen’s heroes and as the weeks go on, we’ll begin plucking them off one by one. This week you’re voting for:

Jason de Sanges from Bending the Rules
Devlin Kavanagh from Cutting Loose

Jared Hamilton from Coming Undone

Wolfgang Jones from Just for Kicks

Jax Gallagher from Skintight

John Miglionni from Hot and Bothered

Zach Taylor from Getting Lucky

Cooper Blackstock from Head Over Heels
J.D. Carver from All Shook Up

Sam McKade from Baby, I’m Yours

Beau Dupree from Be My Baby
Nick Coltrane from Baby, Don’t Go

Tristan McLaughlin from Shadow Dance
Mick Vinicor from On Thin Ice
Vincent D’Ambruzzi from Obsessed

James Ryder from Present Danger

Elvis Donnelly from Exposure

And the voting has begun so make sure to get your votes in because voting for Round One ends on Sunday so if you want your favorite Susan Andersen hero to make it to the next round, you better make your votes count!

Good luck and see you on Sunday… Happy Voting!

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