Last LK Hero Standing: The Final Round.

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Alright all of you Lisa Kleypas fans out there. This is the very last round of Last Hero Standing. The winner of this round will be the last hero standing. The fans of said hero will be able to gloat that their hero is the best of the best, they’ll be able to frolick in the garden of hero greatness and they’ll win all of the glory.

It’s been a steady battle between the final two contestants. They’ve gone back and forth all month long and it all comes down to this.

Who will be the last Lisa Kleypas hero standing?

Will it be…

Sebastian St. Vincent from Devil in Winter

or will it be…

Derek Craven from Dreaming of You

You guys have one week to get everyone you know and love to vote for your hero. The winner will be announced on the last day of the month so make your votes count!

Good luck and see you in a week with the results!

-Rowena, Casee & Holly

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