Author Spotlight: Derek or Sebastian?

Posted October 14, 2009 by Rowena in Features | 13 Comments

The old LK debate has been waged long and hard over the years throughout blog land. Both heroes have staunch supporters and right now, they are both battling it out in the Last Hero Standing challenge. They are seriously neck and neck in the LHS challenge and this has seriously got to be the closest that we’ve come in any of the previous challenges.

Even if you love them both, you’ve got to be in a corner so this post is for all of the Derek and Sebastian lovers out there to duke it out.

Who do you love more Derek or Sebastian and why?

Holly and I are on different sides of this fence so you’ll be hearing from both sides of the argument here on this blog, so stay tuned for those posts.

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13 responses to “Author Spotlight: Derek or Sebastian?

  1. mph

    Ohh assmunch, i’m still waiting for their books from the library! Just got SEP’s This Heart of Mine and well, I’m just not interested in it right now.

  2. Jennifer M.

    ok, I’ll play! Don’t hate me Sebastion fans =)

    Derek because…
    #1 – He was a self-made man who literally rose from the gutter to succeed in an Aristo world.

    #2- Who doesn’t love his Cockney side accent slipping out when he was most vulnerable?

    #3- Sebastion is delicious in his own right but I feel his best lines and scenes were in “It Happened One Autumn” -where he played second banana to Westcliff (another yummy male, but that’s for another day)- by the time “Devil In Winter” came around I felt as if Sebastion was declawed and morfed into his good twin brother…not many devilish facets to this NEW Sebastion. Personally, I was more intrigued by Cam Rohan (another LK hero that stole my heart.)

    #4 – when it comes to backstories that tear at the heart…how can Sebastion even be compared to Derek?!

    Derek born to a no name prostitute, left for dead, had to fend for himself all his life (until Sara came along) doing all sorts of nasty jobs to get by, never feeling he was worthy of love. Aw, tear at my heart why don’t you LK!

    Now Sebastion, a titled Aristocrat who was about to lose his allowance and had to marry money FAST!…what was his story, I think it was that his mom and sisters passed away on him and IIRC, he had a cold & distant father. Very sad and moving but not enough. Derek had it far more obstacles to overcome and he overcame them better.

    #5 – Finally, if every good man can be judged by the woman at his side, this one is easy:

    Sara > Evie.

    Derek Craven FOREVER!

    Disclaimer: Yes I am well aware that these are fictional characters, lol.

  3. Anonymous

    Neither is a major favorite of mine, but of course I will vote for Derek. Who couldn’t love his keeping her glasses? Or trying to pretend another woman is her? And as I’ve written (many many times ;-)) before, St. Vincent just doesn’t do it for me in his own book. He’s so whitewashed from his original appearance, it really grates on me. Sorry to all the St. Vincent lovers out there. — willaful

  4. Derek 4evah.

    When I first started blogging, I joined in the Derek vs. Sebastian fray. I sided with Kristie(J) and I still stand firmly beside my boy Derek Craven.

    The glasses.

    My second Kleypas runner up will always be Simon Hunt with that doggone button. ::sob::

  5. Another vote for Derek by a hair. I think Derek has overcome more, he’s more of a self made man and I gotta say, the spectacles he carried around? Right up there with Roarke and the button

  6. Sebastian all the way !! Derek wouldn’t come second either for me (Mckenna on the other hand…lol).
    Dreaming of you is not one of my favorite book. Maybe it’s because I had read too many raving reviews before reading it (too much anticipation often lead to disappointment in my case).
    The Devil in Winter however is one of my favorites. Sebastian is the perfect exemple of the reformed rake. He’s inteligent and witty. “I wouldn’t be so bourgeois as to lust after my own wife” is a good exemple of his dry humor.
    I don’t usualy fall for blond heroes but this one is an exception.

  7. Ditto everything Jennifer M. said. Derek, no contest. I agree, Sebastian was more interesting in IHOA, morphing into his good twin brother right at the start of his story. Derek was dark and hard-edged because of that climb from the slums that made him into the man he is now, and even though he’s found love with Sara and shows her tenderness (and sweet carrying those spectacles), he’s still the man he grew into=dangerous, dark, sexy and hard-edged to all others. No about-face, total change of character.

  8. Rowena


    HEY YOU! Goodness, it’s good to see you around these parts, even if you’re breaking my heart! =P How are you? Do you still talk to Mailyn?

  9. Luci

    I haven’t read Derek’s book but let me tell you the moment i can i am definitely buying it! He’s got too many fans to ignore.

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