Author Spotlight Review: Kiss An Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

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Publisher: Avon, Harper Collins

Rowena‘s review of Kiss An Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Hero: Alex Markov
Heroine: Daisy Deveraux
Grade: 4.75 out of 5

In dire straits as a result of her irresponsible lifestyle, Daisy Devreaux is given an ultimatum by her outraged father? Jail or an arranged marriage to Alex Markov, a broodingly handsome Russian handpicked by her father to teach Daisy the error of her ways. It’s a thin plot that’s kept going by a superabundance of sex.

I’ve been meaning to read this book for years but never made it around to it. It’s one of those books that I know that I would have enjoyed but kept getting sidetracked with other stories. Holly has also been on my ass to read this book but like always, I never got around to it.

Until now.

I’m really glad that I picked up this book because man was it a good one. In true SEP form, she entertained the socks right off of me. I thought this book was exceptionally written and it was so easy for me to yet again fall into the world that SEP created for these characters. This story follows Alex and Daisy Markov as they learn to live with each other after their arranged marriage. The story starts off with Daisy and Alex getting married and then leaving directly after the ceremony for the circus. To their new life for the next six months. Alex doesn’t think Daisy has what it takes to hack it as a circus wife and Daisy just wants her own independence. Together, they find something a whole lot more than they thought they’d find.

This book was one of those books that you didn’t want to put down. It was a story that captured your attention from the jump and held it until the very end. There’s a lot of emotion in this story and it made for a really great story. Just like Linda Howard did with Heart of Fire, Susan Elizabeth Phillips made me fall in love with something I didn’t think I’d ever love.

The circus.

I’m not a fan of the circus. I hate clowns, I’m deathly afraid of animals but I forgot about all of that while reading this book. The characters in this story wormed their way into my heart and I just absolutely loved them. Mainly, I’m talking about both Alex and Daisy. Watching Daisy come into her own on the circus, under the watchful eye of Alex made for a great story. I loved watching her grow into the woman she became at the end of the book.

Alex was that mysterious ass of a hero that SEP is famous for writing. Her heroes usually tend to run on the asshole-ish side and they are always redeemed by the end of the story. I can see how Alex can be seen as an asshole for the cold/indifferent man that he was in the beginning with Daisy but I never saw him as one. I saw past the gruff exterior he showed everyone into the man that he was. Reading about what made him the way he was, softened me toward him almost from the beginning. I couldn’t wait for Daisy to heal him with her love. He wasn’t a bad man, he was fair (in most cases) and I loved getting to know him. With each page, my heart grew a little more fond of him until the end when he’s getting to do as Sheba told him to do for Daisy and then it just burst and spilled over.

Watching these two fall in love and watching them work through the problems that presented themselves made me fall in love with both of their characters. I loved watching Daisy interact with the animals, especially Sinjin and Tater. I loved watching Alex try to guard himself against Daisy and failing miserably. I enjoyed the heck out of this story and I seriously need to work on finishing SEP’s back list. I just love her story telling.

One of the things that pissed me off about this story was Heather. I understood that she was going through and I even sympathized with her until she did what she did to Daisy. Alls well that ends well but what Heather did soured me against her because she waited so long to come forth with the truth. Daisy suffered because of Heather’s actions and though she was extremely sorry for her actions, it didn’t make me less mad at her. I ended up liking Heather but for most of the book, I couldn’t stand her.

Aside from that, there’s damn little else that I didn’t like about this book. I loved this book and I think that everyone should be reading this book if they haven’t already. SEP delivers a solid love story that everyone will love. I did and if you don’t know who Alex and Daisy are, I suggest you find out for yourself, just how awesome these two are. You won’t be sorry.

This book is available from Avon. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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6 responses to “Author Spotlight Review: Kiss An Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

  1. Anonymous

    Just finished this book recently. Loved it! I wasn’t sure if I could really get into a book featuring a circus setting, but SEP is amazing like that.


  2. Luci

    I read this around 3 years ago and was so pleasantly surprised by it. The blurb sounded nearly childish but SEP pulled off the story incredibly well. Its my favourite SEP stand alone.

  3. I disagree with you about Heather, but otherwise you’re spot on with how I feel. This is probably my #1 favorite SEP. I adore it.

    I remember when Chantal first read this book. heh Good times.

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