Is there anything worse than a reading slump?

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We’ve discussed reading slumps at Book Binge numerous times. It’s been awhile since the last time and with all the new readers, I figured it was time to to talk about it yet again. I want to know what you do to get out of a reading slump.

On Friday, I finished Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have several books that I know will be good, but none of them appealed to me. On Friday night, I started three books and couldn’t get into any of them. I recently checked out Black Hills by NR from the library. It’s due on the 14th, so I figured that I better get started. I got up to page 92 and couldn’t continue. It wasn’t b/c it wasn’t a good book. I was just blah about it. I was blah about everything I picked up that night. So instead of reading, I had an HGTV marathon.

On Saturday, I ended up picking up Wild Heat by Bella Andre. I mean, really, when will a firefighter not cure all? Later that day, we were at Wal-Mart, so I picked up a few more books. After I finished Wild Heat, I started The Perfect Couple by Brenda Novak. I’m really liking the book, but I don’t feel like it’s gotten me completely out of my slump.

If I’m in a slump, I usually turn to re-reading. For some reason, I didn’t do that this time around. My husband doesn’t understand how serious this situation is. He just kind of laughs, like I’m making a joke. Hello, McFly? Not so much. Which brings me here, to you.

What do you do when you get in a reading slump? How often do you go into a slump?

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14 responses to “Is there anything worse than a reading slump?

  1. KarLynP

    I am in one now too! I’ve DNF’d a lot recently, including some highly rated books. So I decided to re-read Faefever since Dreamfever is out next Tuesday. Other times I switch genre’s and that helps too.

  2. I agre with KarLynP – I usually switch genres and even try something I normally wouldn’t read at all. If I hate it, it makes me appreciate my normal stuff more!

  3. I’m very happy to say that I rarely do get into a full slump–the last one was over a year ago and lasted eleven days :shudder: It was horrible, I couldn’t get into ANYTHING, including tried and true favorites! 0_0

    When I feel a reading slump coming, I tend to do as you do, and go back to my favorites–usually something at least a bit different than whatever I read last that left me feeling meh.

    So far, it’s worked *knocking on wood and crossing fingers*

    Here is hoping your slump is over, Casee!

  4. I’m right in the middle of a slump atm. So I’ve put the books away, not made any visits to the library, and am getting on with other stuff.

    My problem is I’m not a book a week kind of reader, I’m a book (or 2) a DAY reader. I think I’ve kind of read myself into a stupor and my house and my own writing are suffering from it. So I’m just taking a BIG step back, going to watch some tv for a bit, write my own stories, and try get my house under control 🙂 Then I’m going to pick up these books I know are just excellent and really enjoy them, rather than reading chap1-3 then skipping to the last one.

  5. I don’t often have a slump, but it kinda freaks me out when I do. I don’t know about you guys, but it’s like…some part of me, the creative me, has gone to sleep. Changing genres helps sometimes but mostly I pick up one of my most favorites and settle in for a re-read.

  6. Jennifer Crusie’s Bet Me always always yanks me out of a slump.

    I actually think I’m heading into one now. The last book I read left me in a funk, it was so bad.

  7. ...

    I generally get in a slump once I read a book that pisses me off which happen on Thursday!

    I ended up reading a bunch of old school favorites to remind me not every book disappoints me – it worked quickly this time and I started a new book. Generally it can last a week or two and I remember once it was for a whole month – it was a really bad book read that lead to that.

  8. mph

    I have it bad. I usually do re-read Linda Howard or switch genre but it’s not working anymore, I need new intrigue and surprise. Picked up new (for me) author, Lisa Kleypas, and was uber-optimistic but unfortunately, I can stand only so much historical. Need a new contempt author but don’t have the heart for the search.

    *sigh* Shit, I think my reading slump is just a side effect to life slump. Got to get a handle of the bigger things.

  9. I usually need to cleanse my reading palate. If I’m burnt out on romance, I turn to my YA. Burned out on YA and romance? I’ll go fantasy or Sci-fi. Sometimes I just need something different then I can go back to the genre where I was having the slump.

  10. I have never been in a reading slump. I read all genres. What’s on top of the TBR pile is the book I read, so don’t get bored by reading all the same genre.

  11. Wow, feels like forever since I posted anything on your blog. To answer your question, when I am in the middle of a slump, I just let it pass me by. In my experience, reading slumps happen after I have been so excited about an author/series/character that in comparison to the excitement I felt, nothing seems as good. So, I just wait for the “afterglow” period to wear off before picking up something else. When I do pick up a book, I choose it completely at random. Having no expectations from a book helps me regain my emotional equanimity from the previous love/attachment. lol

  12. Since re-reading hasn’t really helped, I’m going to try to switch genres next time it happens. I’ll give that a try and see if it works.

    Blodeuedd, maybe it’s something in the air?

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