KHB, KMhont and Trahcy Discuss Lover Avenged (Part 2)

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KHB, KMhont and Trahcy have all “accidentally” dematerialized into V’s penthouse playground. As they wander around flicking at items hanging from the walls they decide to continue their conversation that was started at KHB’s

(I have to say that this is not a spoiler free discussion so if you haven’t read the book, but plan to, you might not want to dive right in.)

KHB: Don’t get me started on Wrath again! I did love how Ward gave us a peek a boo into Wrath and Beth’s marriage even though I was shocked that they haven’t had any hot loving in 4 months! I guess Wrath was limp due to his issues with his blindness and being the king and all. But I must say the scene in the library where he and Beth get on the floor and have sex all over the place was hot! I kept wondering if either had rug burn?

You know, being the perv that I am, I have to bring up the sex in this book. What did we think of the way Rehv was with Ehlena? Rehv is a very talented man with his mouth, that’s for sure. And I must say that even though I loved the intimate scene between these two, the most romantic in all the books I have read up to this moment is where Rehv wants to feed Ehlena. That would give him such pleasure and happiness. He is willing to do whatever he can for Ehlena. As for the other woman in his life- the skanky evil half sister lizard freak, I find it interesting to see what the lizard evil biotch wanted Rehv to do other than sex between them. At one point she wanted him to get down on the floor and hand her this bag of jewels to her that he also pays her off. He refuses, whereas with Ehlena, he would get on his hands and knees just for a smile or a look from her.
KMhont: Wrath? Who’s that?
Oh yeah – the blind dude that took up half the book. So yeah, thought he had a book already…
Seriously though, why make such a big deal about his eyesight at this point. Yeah, yeah, I’m a heartless so and so, but he was already pretty much blind. And there have never been any real repercussions of that. He could always fight like a fully sighted person, walk like one, interact like one. I found the whole shebang really overdone in Lover Avenged.
And he and Beth had better boinking scenes. He and Beth were hot. Sizzling. Rug burn sizzling. And that annoyed me because I wanted that page time dedicated to Rehv and Ehlena. What up with all the looong pages devoted to other characters? In the first few books (the years of the BDB Rightly), secondary plots/characters only got a few paragraphs – a page at most usually – but now they get a good bit of an entire chapter.
Boo. Frickin. Hiss.
One of my fave Rehv and Ehlena scenes: when she goes to leave, and he’s made her dinner. Then she comes back. *fans self* *mops dribbling eyes* I loved that with the fires of a thousand suns! So romantic! *cue squeals*
Rehv can feed me anytime. Anything. With any part of his body. *shoves Ehlena off balcony*
Trahcy: You all are dissin’ on my Wrath and missing the point! Ok, yes, Wrath had his own book and his portion of the book might have been able to be cut down somewhat, I’ll give you that. However I think it was pivotal for it to happen. To have him finally come to terms with the fact that he was no longer a fighter but The King! As much as he had taken on the role way back when, he hadn’t fully given himself up to the fact that he needed to plant it and do Kingly shit. K, I’m done.

I have to agree with you both on the dinner scene with Rehv and Ehlena…totally wonderful – visions of past romantic books by Ward. Well done, touching, heart warming. Good stuff, man.

Lash – what’s up with him? I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the parts with him and the Lessers. It really didn’t do anything to move the war along, I didn’t think. He just seemed psycho…and sexually deviant.

The Scribe Virgin – what’s up with her attitude? Has she just given it all up? Called it a day? She needed some serious face-slapping and a huge “snap out of it!!”

KMhont: Just jumping on in this time:

Trahcy, I most humbly apologize….but I’ve been dissing Wrath since Lover Avenged. *runs* *comes back* We can still has fwendship? 🙂

I see your take on the whole Wrath/blindness thing, tho. And if you’re right, I can look more leniently on him taking up so much of Lover Avenged (I know, leniently, lol. So kind of me.) because I’m actually all for him just being the king, staying out of those crap-ass lesser fights and screwing his wife till they make an heir and a spare. Hello, if Z can turn on the oven AND whip up a dish, Wrath can, too. Beth deserves something for her rug burn anyway.

So what I’m wondering, then, if he decides to just BE king, is: is his fight/training scene w/Payne a way to let loose his need to fight OR is it him trying to learn to fight while blind so he can go out and fight lessers again? I ask because I’m the lame brain that started skimming, lest my eyes roll into the back of my head.

On Lash: Could not agree more. He’s also, just like the Omega Daddy-kins, turned into a walking villain stereotype. Can’t figure out how to originally make your villain villainous? Throw in some sexual perversion. That’s not enough? Make him a little wiggity whack. Heaven forbid the villain should have any depth greater than the length of his dick.

You’re right, he and the war aren’t doing a thing. Besides trying to become as rich as the BDB so he can throw big couture names around, too.

On the SV: Again, spot on. She’s a self-made goddess for gosh sakes. Tycoons and millionaires the BDB world over would jump at the chance to further exploit and use that to their advantage if it were them. So her daughter wakes up – big deal. Wake up, woman and help save your vampsies.

And my Q: What is with this issue of dematerializing? Butch can’t, he can, oops he wasn’t supposed to, he did, he did again. He’s still not supposed to? What about the world building inconsistencies? Do they stand out enough to bug you?

Check out part 3 at KMhont’s.

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10 responses to “KHB, KMhont and Trahcy Discuss Lover Avenged (Part 2)

  1. Aww, Tracy, I'm a Wrath fan too — you're not alone. 🙂

    Can't stand the Butch appearing / disappearing act. Either he can or he can't. Ugh, already!

    This is too much fun, running to KhMont's.

  2. I like Wrath too..thought their scenes were better than Rehv/Ehlena. LOL – blind dude who took up half the book:) At least JR Ward goes back and keeps the other brother's stories going! But yes, they take up a lot of the book:)

  3. Sorry for the delay ladies! I had it scheduled to post at the same time as the others but I obviously did something wrong!

    @Ana, yes…I want to step away but I can't!

    @Hilcia, I'm so glad someone else is a Wrath fan. I haven't lost my love for him since Dark Lover.

    @Mandi, I completely agree! I love that she doesn't completely forget about the other characters. I have to say I'm very glad that she did NOT include Marissa in this book! lol (no love for Marissa from me!)

  4. Wrath, Geeze!! All the stumbling around after he was already "the blind king" and supposedly in all the previous books already had the skills to deal with blindness so his scenes after his sight was totally gone were very much out of character and rediculously overdone.
    And the DOG? George? His breed was chosen because the doggen like to vacumn ..What? Vacumn is too generic? It's a Dyson. Feel better now?

  5. rebyj – *gasp* dissing on Wrath! lol NO say it isn't so!
    Obviously when he was called the blind king before he wasn't truly blind, just had limited, yet failing, vision. I think going from some vision to absolute blindness would be a huge step/adjustment.

    I actually thought the whole dog/shedding thing was quite funny! 🙂

  6. *shoves Ehlena off balcony*

    ROFLOL! Ummm, I feel like I need to re-read LA to determine this, but since the first read took 13 1/2 days (and considering the amount of ranting I subjected all and sundry too), was there a reference somewhere to Butch dematerializing? Because I thought he couldn't…. *confused look*

    And this bugged me…where did they get George from? I don't know about you, but here there are waiting lists for guide dogs, and if one just vanished….

    *off to KMont's…sorry KHMont's*

  7. I think the problem is that once you realize how flexible the worldbuilding is, it does take away something.

    I haven't read the book properly yet – just skimmed it. But as the character I read the series for is JM, I'm not happy with what's happened to him. It's the first book I haven't read straight away as soon as it dropped through the letterbox. And I'm not really in any hurry to read it. 🙁

  8. Orannia – I don't remember about Butch – I'll have to check that out too.
    George…maybe they had Wrath on a waiting list just waiting for total blindness??? lol I have no idea.

    LesleyW – I was definitely not happy with what happened to JM. I'm hoping that he gets back to his normal self in the next book cuz in this one he pissed me right off! lol
    That being said, this book is definitely better than Enshrined!

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