Guest Review: Hot in Here by Sophie Renwick

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Guest Review: Hot in Here by Sophie RenwickReviewer: Tracy
Hot in Here by Sophie Renwick
Publisher: NAL
Publication Date: June 2, 2009
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She wasn’t his dish-until someone turned up the heat.

Celebrity chef and infamous ladies man Bryce Ryder can’t believe the thoughts he’s having about his old friend Jenna McCabe. She’s always been the shy girl-next-door, but when some bad publicity threatens everything he’s built, Jenna gets down to business-and shows a side of herself that is take-charge and totally irresistible.

Soon things are heating up in and out of the kitchen-and all of Jenna’s secret fantasies about Bryce start coming true. But will she be the one to tame his heart, or is the sexy chef just indulging another one of his cravings?

Bryce is starting to have sexual thoughts about his best friend of 10 years and he’s not quite sure what to make of them at first. But being the take charge kind of guy he is he moves forward like a locomotive.

Jenna has been in love with Bryce since she met him when she was 17 years old. He’s hired her to to try to fix is professional reputation but Jenna has another plan as well. She wants to win his heart and have him fall for her on an emotional level before they begin a sexual relationship since he’s not been the commitment type since a certain lady took him for everything he had. But all of her plans get side tracked when she and Bryce sleep together. Tara decides on a new plan – act like the sex was just sex and meant nothing. When Bryce comes chasing after Tara and says he wants only her Tara starts to lose some of her resolve.

I thought this was a very cute book. The male characters seem strong and wonderfully Alpha without being caveman like. Bryce, even though he didn’t know what he wanted at first, was quick to come to the realization that he only wanted Jenna. He was charming in his decisiveness. And there was some fantastic sex scenes as well which is always a plus. 🙂

Jenna I didn’t care for quite as much. She was extremely cautious with her feelings for Bryce which I thought was slightly contradictory to how much and how long she’d wanted him. She was uber distrustful and I certainly didn’t think she acted like this man had been her best friend for 10 years – truthfully she started to grate on my nerves a bit. Yes, there were questionable happenings around Bryce but I think a person who’d been a friend that long would have talked it out – loving him or not. That’s just my thought though, not everyone would agree with me.

I think Ms. Renwick has started a great little erotic series here. She set up the next book nicely and I’m looking forward to read the next installment.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5


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7 responses to “Guest Review: Hot in Here by Sophie Renwick

  1. “truthfully she started to grate on my nerves a bit.”

    Mine as well, considering we knew how she felt about Bryce from the very first chapter of the book. I almost didn’t make it through but I really did love the Author’s voice and if it weren’t for Bryce’s character it would have been a DNF for me. I kinda thought this chick needs medication because she was a little nuts for a while.

    Looking forward to the next book. Great review!

  2. Lea

    Hi Tracy:

    Great review and perspective with respect to “Hot In Here”. I really liked secondary characters Trey and Sarah in this story and as you note it is ripe for a sequel.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Lori

    I really liked it, and the main thing that bothered me was also what bothered you. The lack of trust that Jenna had in Bryce after 10 years of best-friendship. It was one misunderstanding too much, IMO. But otherwise, a great effort, I thought. And I can’t wait to read Trey and Sarah’s book!

  4. Thanks guys. It was a fun book and Bryce really makes it. For those who haven’t read it I hope you enjoy it.

    For those who have read it – we’re all agreed: we want Trey and Sarah’s book! 🙂

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