A Couple of Things

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So this past week I was getting ready to go to Las Vegas and on Thursday was trying to figure out what to pack, etc. I knew it was going to be hot so I fished around in my closet and pulled out some capri pants that I hadn’t worn since last summer. I put them on and had an omgwtfbbq moment! They were, um…tight. Yes, I got them buttoned and zipped but would I wear them out of my bedroom? No friggin way! lol I knew that I hadn’t been eating that well over the last 6 months or so but I had no idea that my ass had grown so much! 🙂

I didn’t overeat in Vegas but I was slightly more conscientious about what I was eating. Yesterday I decided that I was going back on my eating plan. I’m doing the same program that I did a few years ago (3 years ago I had lost 20 pounds and have now gained a total of 12.5 back! oy!) which is www.myfooddiary.com. It’s basically an online food diary where I keep track of what I’ve eaten and how much I’ve exercised and it helps keep me in line. It tells me how many calories to eat each day to achieve my goal and it works. Too bad I’ve let things slide! Anyway…I figured if I put this out there I’ll have a sounding board and be able to let you celebrate with me when I do good and let you chastise me when I do badly! lol

The second thing is…my guest review for Mastering the Marquess by Vanessa Kelly is being posted this afternoon at The Book Binge. Go check it out. Here’s the link.

London, 1815
                                   Country spinster Meredith Burnley will do anything to save her               half-sister Annabel, including risking her own life and sacrificing               her only chance for happiness.  When Annabel’s guardian               threatens to lock her up in a lunatic asylum, Meredith vows to               find a husband to protect the girl, and the arrogant and powerful               Marquess of Silverton seems like the perfect man to keep Annabel               safe.<br />             <img src="http://www.vanessakellyauthor.com/images/cover_marquess.jpg" width="201" align="left" height="325" hspace="15" />The ton’s most popular rake, Silverton hides a growing disgust               with his inability to feel any emotion for the beautiful girls               thrown his way.  But he needs to marry, and Annabel will serve               his purposes.   Silverton is stunned, however, by his fierce               attraction to the unfashionable Meredith, whose quiet ways conceal               a passionate and sensual nature.  He’s determined to               claim her, in spite of his promise to woo her sister.Meredith knows she must never betray Annabel, or succumb to the               charms of the sophisticated Marquess of Silverton.  Her willpower,               though, is no match for his skillful and relentless seduction,               or the temptation of forbidden love.  But her surrender to               passion soon puts Meredith and Annabel in danger, and only Silverton               can rescue them.  The arrogant Marquess must be willing to               risk everything--especially his heart--or lose Meredith, and his               last chance for love.

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  1. I here what you are saying Tracy. I went to a big family do at the weekend and all my cousins posted up the photos on Facebook. All I could think when I saw the photos of me was ‘who is that fat woman?’. *sigh* I need to lose a lot more than 12 pounds :(.

  2. I swear my day would be so much better if I didn’t have to think about what I eat! That is a cool online thing though:)

  3. KB – yep, it’s pretty cool. You have to be diligent about entering your food during the day or at least writing it down so that you can enter it in the evenings but it’s worth the effort.

    Jenre – Oh I don’t even like looking at pictures of myself. I don’t consider myself fat, but I’m not liking the extra poundage! lol

    Mandi – Amen Sister!! Seriously we have so much going on in our lives why can’t we just have faster metabolisms? 🙂

    Lori – absolutely! I like to weigh in on Mondays as well because then I tend to be better on the weekends. 🙂

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