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Virtual Whisper in Crowd: Sssh! It’s starting!

Virtual Crowd: whistles and screams

Hughverine: Hello Ladies.

Virtual Crowd: squees and much fainting

Hughverine: Thank you. trademark smile It’s my pleasure to be here today to open the first Book Sluts ‘R’ Us Blogger Awards! Hughverine woot I know it’s an important occasional for you all and as much as you’d like to look at me all day smexy smirk at the ‘hell yes’ from Thea it’s time to introduce those awesome, renowned and gorgeous ladies of Books Sluts ‘r’ Us…

Hughverine:… Tracy and Kris!

Virtual Crowd: wild applause and standing ovation

Kris: Thanks Hugh mate, you rock. We’ll talk more later about that book mark deal. Tracy… Tracy! mutters ForGod’ssakewipethedrooloffyourchinwe’relive. big fake smile for the Invisibles

Tracy: shaking off stupor It’s great to see so many of you came out for the announcement of our Blogger Awards.

Kris: We received 33 nominations from fellow Blogland bibliophiles and the competition was stiff.

Tracy: still giggling at the ‘stiff’ comment Yes, it was Kris. However, there can only be one winner…

Kris: … so we decided to also give honourable mentions to the sheer wantonness of two of the bloggers. Would you care to award the condemnations commendations, Tracy?

Tracy: Indeed I would. The two recipients of the ‘You’re on your way to being such a good little Book Slut’ certificates go to:

Kris: shouting through the applause Find out more about these terrific ladies via their blogs – Lily @ I Love Books and Fatin @ RR&H Novel Thoughts and Book Talk. Congratulations, Little Grasshoppers.

Tracy: Now, we get to the main even in today’s proceedings, the announcement of the winner of the Inaugural Book Sluts ‘R’ Us Blogger Award.

Kris: This blog-mistress needs little introduction to many of you and seriously… how could we not give such a prestigious award to a person who bragged about crushing the competition with the sheer size of her tbr?? wiping tear from eye Such a beautiful, trampy statement.

Tracy: rolls eyes You’re such a sentimentalist, Kris. So, without further ado, the envelope please.


Kris: And the winner of the Book Sluts ‘R’ Us Blogger Award is…

Tracy & Kris: WENDY, the Super Librarian!

Virtual Crowd: thunderous clapping and shouts of hoorah

Tracy: Not only has Wendy received our first Award, but she is also the recipient of an ebook of her choice up to $8!

Kris: to Wendy You go, girl! turning back to the Virtual Crowd That brings us to the end of today’s ceremony. Never fear though ;), there is sure to be another Books Sluts ‘R’ Us Blogger Award in the not too distant future!

Tracy: In the meantime, don’t forget our motto…

Tracy, Kris & Virtual Crowd:

Tracy & Kris: Until next time!

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20 responses to “Book Sluts ‘R’ Us Blogger Awards

  1. Isn’t Wendy more of a Book Whore than slut??

    OK, that’s the jealousy talking.

    Congrats Wendy, you really are a slut!

  2. Yes Amy – she is very deserving of this honor.

    Kati – lol now, now. 🙂

    Kb – We couldn’t have done it without you inspiration! Thanks!

  3. I’d like to thank the Academy for this incredible honor. All the years of hard work, training and indiscriminate used bookstore treasure hunts have all led up to this moment!

    Tracy – can I get back to you on my book choice? The Super Librarian parents are in town until Tuesday, and I need time to ponder.

  4. I really can’t think of a better recipient! Oh, well, except for maybe ames. Her TBR is SUPER Scary.


  5. Wendy, a belated but heartfelt congratz on the award! And the post was super fun to read, perked my day up but then…looking at Hugh ain’t hard on the eyes LOL

  6. Wendy – congrats again! Yes, of course you can get back to us. Whenever you’re ready!

    Thanks for the comps everyone..we think we’re hilarious so it’s nice to have confirmation! lol

  7. What do you mean think Tracy (aka Judith)?? We ARE friggin hilarious!

    Big congrats to Wendy for being our first Official Book Slut and to Fatin and Lily for their trampish behaviour.

  8. OMG!!! I fooking did it again?

    Sorry folks – that was my comment that says Judith. I obviously didn’t realize my mom was signed onto my computer! duh! lol

  9. Congrats WENDY! Wow… what an honor. The first official Book Slut. You must be so proud! =)

    Congrats, too, to the grasshoppers, Lily and Fatin.

    Adorable post. 😉

  10. Geez–wish I’d heard about this contest sooner. I would have badgered…er, nominated myself for the ballot.

    Congratulations Wendy! 🙂

  11. Christine – she DOES deserve it doesn’t she? 🙂

    Catie – and we would have welcomed the badgering…uh, nomination! There will be a next time. This only the first and unlike the Highlander…there cannot be only one. 🙂

  12. Glad you enjoyed it, Doris. You might have nudged me to get on my horse and bug Kris to do it again. 🙂

    And I'm not so sure about the "older" part. lol

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