Guest Author: Dee Tenorio – "Why I’m In Trouble"

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Dee Tenorio
is here today with a fun meme for all of us, and she’s offering a great prize if we participate! I hope all of you will play. Also, be sure to check out Kris’ review of Kiss Me Again, her September 16th release, and Ames’ review of Betting Hearts, one of the novels in her backlist.

Why I’m In Trouble…

I found a shirt in the store the other day that fits either of my babies to a t–it’s a depiction of a notebook paper duct taped to the baby’s belly that reads:

Why I’m in trouble:

√ Won’t share anything
√ Won’t give Mommy a break
√ Keep getting caught
√ Won’t take a nap
√ Made a huge mess

I bought it immediately because, seriously, she does all those things every day. If they’d drawn their smiling little faces and written their names on it, it couldn’t have described my daughters any better. I plan to take pictures of it and mail it to my parents so they can share in the cuteness and they can lie to me by laughingly claiming that shirt wasn’t absolutely perfect for my oh so innocent children.

There’s no way they could get through a line of bull like that without cracking.

But once I realized that not-so-subtle truth, it got me to thinking. My God, what would my shirt say?

It’s like one of those crazy memes no one is happy to get but kind of get a kick out of reading. Because truth is, I’m generally in trouble–the babies come by it naturally. Mom isn’t here, most of the time, to smack me on the back of the head for anything, but I’m still in trouble because I’ve got to figure my way out of the things I’ve done.

Though, it should be said, there is this evil/fun moment when you realize that you’re actually getting away with this stuff. But I won’t admit I wrote that if you tell my mother.

So, that said, here’s my “Why I’m In Trouble List”:

√ Burned dinner (again)
√ Wrote a love scene (again)
√ Read a book instead of cleaning (again)
√ Forgot to eat and screwed up blood sugar (hypoglycemia is a mean mistress)
√ Screwed up diet with chips, cake, cookies or some form of pastry (er…again, I overcompensate when I start to lose consciousness)
√ Accidentally stayed up all night reading excellent novel (you guessed it…again.)

There’s probably more reasons, but they might be TMI for a blog post. So, barring anything you wouldn’t DO in front of your parents, what’s your top three “Why I’m in Trouble” list? (Three is a minimum, more is always welcome!) Any one who posts is automatically entered in my random drawing for an e-copy of any book in my backlist!


About The Author: Dee Tenorio is a voracious reader, mother of three and a wife for thirteen years–which means her ovaries do overtime doing laundry, finding keys and lost socks and diapers that have mysteriously disappeared to the sound of wild toddler giggles. Since she’s written stories from the time she was little, she thought it was a pretty good idea to get into writing romance–sensual, romantic and sometimes funny. After all, she’s currently living her own happily ever after. Dee can be found most days on her blog,

Be sure to check out her most recent release, Kiss Me Again, available now from Samhain Publishing.

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13 responses to “Guest Author: Dee Tenorio – "Why I’m In Trouble"

  1. Hi Dee,

    My I’m in Trouble List:

    decided to read instead of grocery shopping yesterday (sorry no milk)

    stayed up too late watching the new shows on TIVO and today, totally dragging

    yesterday was chores day, but did I get one thing done?? Nope, decided to read all day instead.

  2. Well, lemme see…

    read instead of cleaning (all the time, yikes!)
    read instead of sleeping (entirely too often)
    read instead of running errands (it’s a habit by now)
    and… procrastinate entirely too much.

  3. This is wonderful. I don’t have an ereader, but what a great meme!

    -procrastinated on a deadline project
    -wouldn’t admit I was wrong
    -didn’t put my keys where I could find them

  4. Anonymous

    I think my t-shirt needs to come down to my knees.
    1.Have to work the weekend now because I spent the work week reading blogs.

    2. instead of reading the last children’s story (3 bedtime stories per night) to my 3 year old, I read aloud the novel I’m reading (before I get angry reprimands, please note I hum over any “R” rated section.)

    3. I simply cannot lie or that I lie badly. (Honesty pisses off corporate people)


  5. ROFL, omg, y’all are my kinda gals!

    Cathy–I’m only keeping myself from my episode of Army Wives because I have company!

    AL–Oh, I totally read procrastinate, usually by reading, so I’m right there with you. 🙂

    mph–ROFL, oh, I can’t lie either. It’s pathetic. If I TRY to lie, if I can even pull it off, I get caught. I’m so lame.

    Maybe we should get Trouble PJs with feet?


  6. My list is very similar to azteclady’s.
    Read instead of washing dishes
    Read instead of doing laundry
    Forgot to eat because i was reading
    Was late making dinner because I was reading.
    Pretty much late to everything because I am reading.

    PS. Dee, is there going be a story for Betsy?

  7. LOL, you know, I’ve pondered that question myself a few times. She’d be an interesting woman to tackle, that’s for sure. And not to give anything away, but her hero would probably not exactly be the knight in shining armor.

    What do you think? Is there promise in a secondary character who isn’t remotely a nice girl?


  8. I had Hubby randomly pick a number to ensure that I was not partial, lol. He came up with number 2 and that post belongs to AztecLady!

    Email me at and you’ll have your pick of any of my eBooks!

    Thanks for playing everyone, you’ve all given me ideas of something new I can add to my trouble list!!

  9. I’m In Trouble:

    I ate too much today
    I read instead of going to DMV to renew my license (for shame)
    I left my b-day party early, because everyone was there for my brother’s instead
    It’s my birthday & I didn’t really do anything for it…and that’s just sad. LOL!

  10. watched tv instead of writing
    fell asleep instead of reading
    read blogs instead of cooking or cleaning

    There are more, but my t-shirt would end up being a nightgown!

    Loved this post! Thanks!

  11. Hi Dee!! So sorry I’m late, but thanks for visiting with us! I loved it.

    Let’s see, Why I’m In Trouble:

    Played online instead of folding laundry
    Played online instead of cleaning
    Read instead of..well, anything. lol

    Pretty much everything I (don’t) do can be blamed on the internet and books.

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