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Who thinks Stephanie Meyer leaked Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward’s POV) herself as a way to override some of the bad press from Breaking Dawn and garner herself some sympathy? Because honestly, I’m not buying for a second that she sent out a copy of her most guarded manuscript to someone who would post it online. Especially considering how guarded she’s been with the rest of the Twilight Saga.

Her, “OMG! I’m so never writing this story” temper tantrum seems to be nothing more than a cry for attention. Please, oh please come tell me I’m awesome and amazing and if you beg hard enough, I’ll finish writing Midnight Sun. But if you don’t, I’m just going to go sulk in a corner.

I’m a cynical bitch, of course, but I’m far from convinced she’s a victim.

If you’re interested, you can read the leaked chapters of Midnight Sun on her website here.

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11 responses to “Am I The Only Person…

  1. Oh Holly, thank you for coming out and saying it! 😀

    Yes, I’ve been thinking about this, and pretty much wondering whether it’s all a publicity stunt…

    (and you are the awesome, of course, just don’t go writing MS, please 😉 )

  2. Yea, there’s def something fishy about the whole thing.

    It’s so funny because I blogged about the whole thing at Biblioharlot and at Teen Troves. Almost all the comments on Biblioharlot agree that her response was childish and ridiculous (or something along those lines). At Teen Troves however there are lots of people who are pissed that I called her a petulant child. I think it’s interesting. All in the readership I guess. I think a lot of teen just idolize her and can’t see how obnoxious SM is acting.

    If it really was “leaked” then that sucks. It is absolutely a violation of her rights as an author. But she didn’t need to go threatening to kill off her characters because of it. HELLO grow up lady.

  3. You are most definitely not the only person thinking it. Although it honestly didn’t occur to me until a friend brought it up. And after talking for a while with her about it, I came to a conclusion. I’ll put it out there for all to judge.

    I’m pissed, annoyed and disappointed … either way.

    1. She gave the manuscript out to someone that somehow enabled it to be published on the internet. She’s hurt. I can understand it. But to say (paraphrase) ‘I’m not sure I’ll finish it now, here’s the rough, rough draft…’ *sigh* What? Just say something about the leak – offer the rough draft if you feel you must, but wait until emotions aren’t running quite so high to make a statement about finishing the book. No one is expecting it NOW, so it’s not like she had to say anything about finishing it right now.

    2. It’s a publicity stunt. WTF?! Are you kidding me? I don’t care what problems you’re having with the release. I enjoyed the series for what it was. I even enjoyed Breaking Dawn. So what. I’m to be punished (along with a ton of other *fans*) because of some stupid need for attention, or publicity or SOMETHING??

    Whatever. I won’t read the *rough* draft, because I don’t want to read a rough draft. If I were an editor that would be a different story. I get pulled out my grammar and continuity errors, so I’ll wait, thank you. And then we’ll just see what’s what.

  4. I really hope Meyer didn’t plan this in some PR move to make her look better or to take the heat off the disappointing response people had over BD. Her reputation is one that many people admire and she has built herself up to be a good person and a wonderful writer. I hope she is not this sneaky and if she is, I would be heartbroken.
    She has had the first chapter of Midnight Sun up for so long and how the hell did someone else steal the rest of her manuscript? Did she email it to a friend or someone she trusted and they went behind her back and did this?
    Something is rotten in the start of the forks, that is for sure!

  5. I hadn’t thought about the possibility, but I do think it IS a possibility that she leaked it herself. If so, that was stupid.

    If someone else posted it, though, that’s very wrong and I feel bad for her. Not nearly as bad after reading her reaction, though. She’s acting like a spoiled – and very young – brat.

  6. I didn’t think she leaked it herself but I sure thought she jumped at the excuse to make the fans feel bad. I mean, it was ONE person who leaked it, and I don’t know how many people read the leak, I’m thinking not that many, but EVERYONE must pay. So that makes me think there’s something else to this, which makes me think that it has to do with the response to Breaking Dawn. But then.. I hate to think cynical things about people, so.. I sort of feel guilty for being so suspicious. Let’s just say the older the less trusting I get, so who really knows.

  7. Mollie,
    I forgot that you’d also posted it on Teen Troves. Just went and checked the responses. Let me just go ahead and roll my eyes here.

    You make a good point. Perhaps she didn’t leak the MS herself, but I do have to wonder at her reaction to it. The only thing I see is a bid for attention and sympathy.

    I don’t disagree that if someone else posted it that was a gross violation of her privacy, but I really think she should have handled it better.

    I also don’t see how this happened if she was so careful with spoilers and her manuscripts. I really think it’s much more likely she at least knew about and authorized it, even if she didn’t do it herself.

  8. I don’t think she leaked it herself, but once it was out there it was a good opportunity to guage how much interest there is in it, especially after so many people were disappointed by Breaking Dawn.

    I probably would have read it, but in a way, it feels as though it is a really cool thing to have on the website, but I don’t know that it needs to be a book. I mean, all the time spent rewriting Twilight from another POV could be used coming up with something new perhaps.

  9. I don’t think Meyer leaked it herself. I don’t quite get the motivation… she’s already getting tons of publicity for both her books and the Twilight films.

    I do think that she overreacted out of hurt and anger and she should have thought twice about how she handled the situation especially given the fact that she’s a role model of sorts to so many teens.

    I think that Midnight Sun would have still sold millions of hardcover copies if it were eventually published regardless of the fact that the first several chapters of its rough draft were found online.

    I haven’t read the rough draft chapters yet, and I’m not sure if I will because I feel she may have just posted them out of spite, and I don’t want to condone that. I think a more professional (and more mature move) would have been for Meyer to have polished those rough draft chapters up and then posted them on her website as a gift to her fans.

  10. HOLY COW I NEVER EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT THIS. I must say I’m disappointed about how she just put the 12 chapters out there for anyone to read and was hoping she would try and finish the book but who am I.

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