Shomi Spotlight – Review: Driven by Eve Kenin

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Genres: Urban Fantasy

Raina Bowen knows she can handle herself just fine against anything the harsh Northern Waste throws at her. Until it throws her an enigmatic stranger called Wizard. First, she has to haul him out of a brawl he can’t hope to win. And next, her libido is shooting into overdrive at the feel of his hard body pressed against hers on the back of her snowscooter. But there’s something not quite right about this guy. Before she can strip bare Wizard’s secrets, they’re lured into a race for their lives, battling rival truckers, ice pirates…and a merciless
maniac with a very personal vendetta.

I am anal about reading series books out of order. If I know a book is part of a series and I haven’t read the books that come before it, I can’t read it. Actually, I can read it but I keep thinking about what I may have missed and can’t really enjoy it. So when I picked up Hidden and started it, I immediately realized that it was part of a series. I wasn’t too thrilled b/c I really don’t want to start yet another series. That didn’t stop me though. I ordered Driven and started it as soon as it arrived.

I went back and forth on whether or not I liked the heroine. Raina Bowen is a hard-ass heroine. After her childhood, she had to be tough. Her father was fond of beating lessons into her which made Raina a quick study. Even w/ their less than ideal relationship, Raina always wanted her father’s approval. Right when she thinks that she actually might get it, her father sacrifices his life for hers and has Raina questioning the man she thought he was. She also learns that she has a sister, one she now has to protect. She needs money to do that and that’s where Wizard comes in. All he’s supposed to do is get her a trucking pass.

Wizard agreed to meet who he thought was Sam Bowen, Raina’s father. He’s ill prepared for Raina. As a person who was essentially raised by a computer, Wizard is unfamiliar with emotion. Yet he can’t stop himself from feeling emotion whenever he’s around Raina. She invokes almost every emotion he knows about, yet has never felt.

Raina doesn’t get close to people, but she is helplessly drawn to Wizard. Though she tells herself it’s just lust, she knows it’s more than that. As a person that’s only ever worried about herself; worrying about another person is alien to her. Raina knows she’s falling for Wizard, something she fights but soon realizes is hopeless. For the first time in her life, Raina has made herself vulnerable not only to Wizard but to the Rebel group he is a part of. What she doesn’t know is that Wizard’s past is intertwined with hers in a way she least expects.

I’m really picky about the futuristic/urban fantasy books I read. After reading Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair, I’m even pickier b/c it was so freaking good. I also have to be in a certain mood to read a futuristic. So I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this book. I couldn’t help but be sucked in. Kenin does an amazing job of engaging the reader from page one. She also did a fantastic job with Raina’s character. I was turned off by Raina at times b/c she was just so hard, yet I still cared about what happened to her. When she realizes that she was betrayed by Wizard, my heart broke for her b/c it took so much for her to let him in. My heart also broke for Wizard b/c he was so helpless when reacting to Raina’s reaction.

I loved Wizard. This was a hero that didn’t pull any punches. When he wanted to say something, he said it. When he wanted to do something, he did it. I loved that when Raina would say something to him, instead of saying “Okay” or “Sure” he would say “Acknowledged”. That made me laugh a few times. By the end of the book, you will know these two characters are meant to be together b/c they are both learning how to let emotion into their lives and what it’s like to care that much for another person.

I can’t wait to read Hidden.

4.5 out of 5.

This book is available from Shomi. You can buy it here. No e-format.



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20 responses to “Shomi Spotlight – Review: Driven by Eve Kenin

  1. I would love to participate in this giveaway. I’m really curious about these Shomi books and it’s all your fault.:)

  2. *blink*

    This is a different giveaway, yes?

    Will I come across as a totally greedy witch if I jump on this one too?

    Ah well, you already knew that.


  3. Alex,
    Good, then our work here is done. Ha!

    Yep, different giveaway – with many more to come before the month is over. 😉

  4. I’ve read Hidden (which is awesome, by the way!) but not this one and since I liked Hidden so much, I definitely want to read this one too!

  5. The only way I can read these is to win them. I discovered Google Reader a couple of months ago and have been finding all of these book review blogs. It is absolutely horrible! I have so many books I want to read!! Thanks for having all these contests 😀

  6. M.

    what azteclady said.

    i started reading ‘netherwood’ (is that right?) but so far not gripping me as much as i thought it would. maybe i need to just hold tight and keep going, or maybe i don’t play enough videogames, but found the first explanatory pages of the cyber/realworld tough going. anyone else read this one?

  7. Don’t enter me in this one since I’ve read both Driven and Hidden. I’m just here to second that these two books are REALLY, REALLY good. They were the first two Shomi books I read and they sold me on this line. For anyone thinking of giving them a try, I say hell to the yes.

  8. “I am anal about reading series books out of order. If I know a book is part of a series and I haven’t read the books that come before it, I can’t read it.”

    Yes, yes and amen, sister!

    The S.O. got me to read so far three of Dorothy L. Sayers’ Peter Wimsey books out of order, and it’s been awful knowing that there are entire volumes that came before, and I. haven’t. read. them!


    On the other hand, there’s his proof I lubs him 😉

  9. Glad you enjoyed Driven! I loved Wizard so much and wish that the story had more of his POV. But through Raina and his actions, I just fell in love with him.

  10. Having started out with the Shomi’s books, I get so excited with more that come out and that I read about! I never thought that I’d be reading this theme because I was never into Science Fiction reads, nor the movies. I enjoyed NEATHERWORLD!! Since I read that one, I’ve been going backwards when I can, to find those I missed. Since I’m new to them, I love going into them not knowing what to expect. That really pulls me into the story and its hard to let go. I’m so into the ‘world’ that I have to not break much so I can stay there. I’m so glad this series continues each month for a book in this line

  11. Do not enter me, I am just pimping these two books. I have read Driven and hidden as well and loved both of them, they are very good.

  12. You are definitely doing your job. Each book in this Shomi line sounds more fascinating than the next. More books to add to the list to get.

  13. I have to be in the right mood to really enjoy a futuristic story too. Have both Eve’s books on my wish list, so it was great to hear how much you enjoyed this story.

  14. M, I haven’t read Netherwood yet but I want to, I admit it has to do with just being a Shomi book and it does sound like a good read!

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