Shomi Spotlight – CONTEST ALERT!

Posted August 18, 2008 by Holly in Giveaways | 33 Comments

I’ve never really been one to try new things without dragging someone else along with me. So, I suppose it’s only fair, if I’m going to drag you over to the dark side, that I provide the goods along the way, right? I think I’m going to give two Shomi books start.

Leave a comment on this post by noon on Wednesday, August 20 and I’ll choose two winners later the same day. The winners can choose one novel of their choice from the list below.

Just a note: If you wish to enter the contest you need to leave a way to be contacted in the event that you win. Either a link to your blog or your email address. If you’d prefer, you can email to enter at thebookbinge at gmail dot com (no spaces).

Good luck!!

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33 responses to “Shomi Spotlight – CONTEST ALERT!

  1. I love trying new things and have really enjoyed the excerpts you’ve posted of these books. Thanks for the opportunity to whittle away at my wish list.

    caity_mack (at) yahoo (dot) com

  2. I’m waiting for Amazon to deliver 3 of these books. So I’m hoping they live up to reputation and expectations.

    BTW has anyone said what Shomi is? It sounds Japanese but I’m not into all the subtleties of Manga and the like, so I don’t get the significance.

    murphy.dawn at gmail dot com

  3. great contest and there are several book in this list that I would love to have. My only problem would be picking one.

  4. Okay, Holly, I’m ready and willing to try out the dark side (albeit in a risk-free way).

    Besides, if I don’t at least TRY this new-fangled type of book, then I really will be an old fuddy-duddy.

    So count me in- BevLQB AT gmail DOT com.

  5. Ruth

    I have read the two Eve Kenin books and so I would love to try a new author. Thanks for offering the contest.

    evanaruthless AT comcast DOT net.

  6. Tabitha

    I know this sounds stupid (and no offense to Shomi readers) but for somee reason the covers gives the impression of comic books…in no way are the storylines like that, or are they?

    Oh, and please don’t enter me in the contest. I won recently already. =)

  7. Premature posting. *ahem*

    I’ve read Twist, Countdown and Hidden and they’re all great books – especially Countdown! Ohmigod, just thinking about it makes me want to run and snatch it from my bookshelf and start reading it all over again – so good!

    I’m done gushing.

  8. M.

    your encouragement – it is mighty and powerful.

    maybe i’m too simplistic, but i always thought that since it’s about speculative fiction (i.e. new directions, new genre blendings, cutting edge etc.) that it simply meant “Show Me”

    and i think the covers are deliberately designed to appeal to either a young (literal or at-heart) or graphic-novel / gamer type of demographic. but maybe the authors can expand on that?

  9. Sounds interesting, I’m in to try a Shomi book. Most of the covers do look manga-y, so they’re not something I’d normally be drawn to.

  10. I actually went out and got Wired from the library after reading all about the Shomi line here. Now if only I can find the time to get started on it.

    kurliq98 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  11. I may as well enter. You know… to possibly complete my collection. The only one I don’t already have is Time Transit by Kay Austin. πŸ˜‰

  12. I found a site defining Shomi as suspense, paranormal, fantasy and scifi combined. I read Holly’s review of a Shomi book, Countdown, which sounded very suspenseful and intriguing.

    Please put me in the drawing, wooo =D
    shreela AT gmail DOT com

  13. At first I was a really wary because of the covers – perfect example of don’t judge the cover – but I’m glad to say I totally wrong. πŸ™‚

  14. Wow awesome contest! The only book that I’ve read so far on that list is Countdown and that was a great book. I’d love to win some Shomi books! Please enter me.

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