Did You Hear?

Posted August 18, 2008 by Rowena in News | 4 Comments

Twilight the Movie has a new release date, the new release date is November 11, 2008…is that not great news or what? WOO FRICKIN HOO!

Check it out: Twilight the Movie News Flash.

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4 responses to “Did You Hear?

  1. (It’s actually the 21st). I only know because they moved it into Harry Potter 6’s original date (which now we have to wait until July 2009- I’m so pissed) AND because my birthday is on the 20th…woo hoo, Edward Cullen for my Bday! 😉

  2. First of all–I love that Twilight movie poster. Finally one in which they both look gorgeous and in love.

    Secondly — WoOT! I actually heard this already–from my 13 year old Twilighter daughter. She asked me if I could take her out of school early on release day to so we could see it together. I’m tempted. Especially since she automatically expressed interest in seeing it with ME and not her girlfriends.

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