Review: Harvard’s Education by Suzanne Brockmann.

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Hero: Daryl “Harvard” Becker
Heroine: PJ Richards
Grade: 4.75 out of 5

For eight weeks FInCOM agent P.J. Richards is being given access to the absolutely-no-women-allowed world of the U.S. Navy SEALs, and she isn’t about to let anyone tell her she can’t hack it. P.J. can’t afford to be distracted by anything . . .or anyone. And that includes Senior Chief “Harvard” Becker. Harvard believes that there is no room for women in a combat zone. It’s too dangerous, too tough . . .and with P.J. involved, too distracting. He might respect her sharp intellect and her shooting abilities, but he still doesn’t want the responsibility of making sure she stays alive. But P.J. isn’t a woman who backs down easily, and to her mind, Harvard has a lot to learn. She just doesn’t expect him to be so eager to instruct her on other subjects . . .like trust, desire and maybe even love.

Harvard Becker never really made it to my radar in the other books so I didn’t know what I was expecting when I got to his book. After the hot mess that was Melody Evans, I was really wary about trying another TEAM 10 book, hoping against hope that I didn’t encounter another secret baby plot because I seriously detest those plots and I was able to sigh with relief when I started this book because this was a story where the couple were friends before they became anything more than that and I absolutely ate this story up.

This book captured every single emotion in me and rung me out that by the time I finished this book, I was emotionally drained. I was caught up in every little thing from Harvard and PJ’s budding relationship to the training stuff, PJ’s fears, Harvard’s adjustment of losing his childhood home to the snafu where I thought we were going to lose one of my favorite SEALs (which if I’m honest, every single SEAL that I’ve read in this series is one of my favorites, LOL), there was so much packed into this book but instead of feeling overwhelmed with stories, characters and what not, everything had a place and served a purpose and every single thing added to the story. I wouldn’t have changed anything in this book because it was an amazingly well written story.

Harvard was one of the best kinds of heroes. He was a very stand up kind of guy and very serious but super intense. I had a huge ginormous crush on him right from the very beginning and that surprised me because he went from being just one of the SEAL guys that I never thought about to be the one SEAL that I couldn’t stop reading about. Even now, a few days after I’ve finished the book, I still kick myself that I’m done with Harvards book already because it was that entertaining of a read.

I loved the way Harvard was with PJ. I loved that he knew he had issues about her being a woman and training to do the job that he didn’t think she was qualified for. That was a big issue between them and the way Suz brought that issue to a head made me love this book that much more.

I loved that Harvard had to prove to himself and to PJ that he loved her enough and he trusted her enough to actually be apart of his team…and to see his reasons for not wanting her on the mission, not that he didn’t trust her but because he didn’t want to risk her life was just so effing sweet. The way he showed PJ that he meant what he told his family was just too cute. I was so in love with Harvard that I had to call Izzy to ooh and ahh over this book because I loved it that much.

I’m so relieved to announce that PJ was not a stupid ass heroine. She was one of those tough as nails women who could do any job better or just as good as any man. She didn’t want anyone handing her the easy way of things, she was there to work and to prove to them that she could hang. Her attitude when she first meets Harvard is understandable even if it rankled a bit because, I seriously wanted her to hang up her billy bad ass attitude and just unwind like the rest of them, the way she had to be on complete guard each and every moment of the day was a bit draining but it was necessary to build up her character. I didn’t hate her at all throughout this book. I admired her, I enjoyed getting to know her and I thought she was the perfect heroine for Harvard.

One of my favorite scenes was when Harvard asks PJ to come with him to visit his parents new home in Arizona on their off days. She agrees and they have to board a plane to get there. She’s deathly afraid of heights and to see Harvard supporting her and being there for her was just absolutely sweet. He says, “I won’t let you fall,” to her and it was such a simple phrase, one that I’ve seen plenty of times in romance but the way that Harvard said it made me all gooey inside with all things great for him. Seeing Harvard being there for PJ all those many times and then having PJ come to his rescue at the end was just fantastically written and I ate this book up.

Should you read it? Heck to the yes, this book is really good and I fell just a little bit more in love with the Alpha Squad because the loyalty these boys have for one another, the respect and the love they have for one another really makes for great characters and I seriously, seriously love them.

Suz scared the crap out of me with this book but man that only added to my love of this series. It’s action packed with that romantic twist that will have many a women falling in love with these guys. I’m serious in saying that if you guys haven’t read this series, you seriously need to. There’s a different SEAL for all of our different wants and Suz doesn’t disappoint.


This book is available from Mira Books. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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7 responses to “Review: Harvard’s Education by Suzanne Brockmann.

  1. This was my first ever SB book. I remember all my friends were talking about this Navy SEAL author with these great books, so I went to my local library and checked out the only Brockmann book they had: Harvard’s Education. It remains one of my favs of hers. I skim through it at least once a year.

  2. I’m just getting started on the Team 10 books, having absolutely devoured everything Team 16 in about six weeks flat here. It took me years to pick up an SB book because I wasn’t sure about SEALs as heroes in a romance. Now I just wonder why I ever waited so long. 🙂

  3. Rowena


    I can totally understand why you skim this book atleast once a year, who wouldn’t want to read about sexy Harvard atleast once a ear.

  4. Rowena


    Oh this is such a great series, I’m so glad that I’m reading it. It’s sooo good!

  5. It’s tied with Everyday, Average Jones as my fav of the series. I so want SB to revisit Team 10. She’s talked about it before. I hope she hasn’t forgotten, lol.

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